And then some people wonder why he’s been glued to Glenn Bedingfield for 25 years

Published: May 12, 2017 at 4:45am

Those of us who have known Joseph Muscat through work for the last 25 years know that the blog-posts which Glenn Bedingfield writes are the way Muscat thinks. They’ve had a shared fixation with me for all these years, and because they are both still in the emotional grip of puberty, they’re incapable of moving beyond it even though one of them is now the Prime Minister, the other is his aide, and we are all in our 40s and 50s.

What this statement says about the Prime Minister is beyond sickening and so degrading for Malta: don’t blame the corruption, blame the people who report it. And to clear Malta’s name you don’t put the corrupt through due process. You go to the homes of journalists who write about corruption and you silence them.

What a stupid little jerk from down the hill in Burmarrad this man is. But then you can’t really expect better from somebody who voted to return Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici as prime minister in 1992, and who led the battle against EU membership.

Send him back to the sticks where he belongs before he does this country even more damage than he and his crooked cronies have done already.

One of his overpaid and useless advisers should also remind him that I’m not the only person who lives in Bidnija and that the hundreds of other people who live here – including his own wife’s hairdresser who lives a few metres up the road – do not take kindly to the name of their hamlet being used as a term of abuse by a man who lives at the foot of our hill.

Trid tkun il-veru injorant minn ta’ wara il-muntanji biex titkellem hekk. That’s what happens when a boy raised by a screaming Mintoffian grandmother and a man who flogs fireworks chemicals is raised to think he’s the business and then inflicts himself on an entire country.

That Muscat has sunk to this level of drumming up the years-old ‘dik tal-Bidnija’ bitchy remarks from his Super One propagandist days tells us that he is now trying to appeal to Labour’s core vote. And if he’s worried about Labour’s core vote…