The Prime Minister and the fraudster

Published: May 7, 2017 at 12:22am

The Prime Minister has gone to town on the Pilatus Bank whistleblower, calling her “a fraudster” when she is nothing of the sort (that’s his game-plan).

But this picture of him getting cosy with Karl Stagno Navarro shows that Joseph Muscat doesn’t have a problem with real fraudsters – so much so that he’s delighted to have an actual fraudster host a prime-time discussion show on his party’s television station.

As for this picture, it’s almost a cipher for what the Labour Party stands for today under Muscat: Helena Dalli’s freeloading gargantuan son, Jason Micallef bitching in the back row, fraudster Karl chased by a million creditors including his ex wife and his former landlords, and the rapidly deteriorating Muscat.