The Prime Minister wishes his public to believe that there is a heinous plot against him

Published: May 18, 2017 at 11:36am

I read what the Prime Minister said yesterday about how the Egrant Inc revelations were “coordinated” between me and the Nationalist Party.

Quite frankly, if is now so desperate that he is depending only on the support of the completely unthinking, then he had best edge out of the campaign and let the ailing but still wicked Keith Schembri fight it himself directly.

What is saying here – that either I or the Nationalist Party invented a woman who worked at Pilatus Bank last year? And that this invented woman gave interviews to the press, appeared before the inquiring magistrate in ghost form, and is fighting the bank for her unpaid salary in a fictitious narrative with which the magistrate’s court and the Department of Employment are helpfully colluding?

Or perhaps wishes to suggest that either I or the Nationalist Party had the amazing prescience to plant a stooge at Pilatus Bank in January 2016, before the Panama Papers story broke and long before anyone even knew what those crooks were up to, let alone the name of Egrant Inc, which the world – including me – only found out about three months later.

And if the documents are “fake” and he has nothing to do with it, why would anyone even bother gaining access to Pilatus Bank to get them out of the safe in the kitchen?

How convenient of Muscat to leave out of the equation the fact that the revelations were made by the woman who worked as personal assistant to the Pilatus Bank chairman. All I did was speak to her at length and report those revelations to the wider public, which is my job.

Meanwhile, could usefully dedicate a few minutes in his campaign to let us know when he and that crook Schembri plan on getting out of our faces, tie themselves up in that tangle of offshore companies – Gibraltar, Dubai, Cyprus, Panama and the BVI – and chuck themselves over the nearest cliff. Because quite frankly, we’ve all now had enough of them and the damage they’re doing to Malta and its reputation.

They deserve to be flogged in a public square.