READ: Transaction reports of some of the payments Keith Schembri made to Adrian Hillman

Published: May 26, 2017 at 10:55pm

Here is a transaction report of some of the illicit payments which Keith Schembri, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, made to Adrian Hillman, who at the time was managing director of Progress Press Ltd and Allied Newspapers Ltd, publishers of the Times of Malta and The Sunday Times. Schembri made these payments through a company called Malmos Ltd, incorporated in Gibraltar, his ultimate beneficial ownership of which is hidden behind nominees.

To justify the payments made to him, Hillman raised fake invoices for “publishing consultancy”. The money was transferred to a client account for Hillman held by the financial services firm MFSP, which then used it to buy stocks and bonds for Hillman.

Adrian Hillman: in cahoots with the Prime Minister’s chief of staff while he ran the Times of Malta, The Sunday Times and Progress Press

Keith Schembri (centre) made payments to Hillman through a secret company incorporated in Gibraltar, his ownership of which is hidden behind nominees