Science council chairman abusively uses Science Centre for his personal campaign

Published: May 25, 2017 at 12:07pm

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, executive chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, is standing for election on Muscat’s ticket.

This morning he mass-messaged potential constituents with a message for his personal electoral campaign, telling them they can visit the science centre, Esplora – which the Malta Council for Science and Technology administers – for just three euros, and children at no charge, if they show his personal electoral campaign text message at the door.

The message says: Xtaqt nistedinkom zzuru l-Esplora nhar is-Sibt li gej ghall-PREZZ SPECJALI ta’ 3 Euro ghall-adulti, tfal b’xejn meta turu dan il-messagg ORIGINALI.

Enough of this horrendous, repeated, normalised abuse. Let’s kick them out because they’re rotten to the core.