TODAY: Crooked John Dalli tarnishes Malta’s reputation round the world in The New York Times

Published: May 12, 2017 at 10:20am

That crook John Dalli and the way he and his daughters, in league with a notorious American fraudster known as Lady Bird, cheated several American pensioners out of their life savings, is today the subject of a big story in The New York Times. And the focus of the story is not just how Dalli cheated those elderly people, but also about how the police in Malta are refusing to cooperate by going after him.

Police Commissioner John Rizzo was planning to arrest and interrogate Dalli on his return to Malta from Brussels – he had done so already before his departure, holding him in a cell – and to arraign him on fraud charges in connection with the snus tobacco bribery case.

But when Joseph Muscat was elected prime minister, the first thing he did was sack Rizzo from the post and replace him with the compliant Peter Paul Zammit, who was not even a police officer at the time but legal procurator.

And the first thing Zammit did in his new post was declare that he did not have a case against Dalli. Dalli then held a mass of thanksgiving which was said by his brother the priest, and Prime Minister Muscat appointed him his consultant on public hospitals. We have since discovered the result of that.

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  1. If Pilatus Bank were to file a report against him, the police would leap into action with an arrest warrant.

  2. Sowxal says:

    Yes, investigations are still ongoing. You know how it is, what with the challenge to digest between one fenkata and the next.

  3. Stephen Forster says:

    I bet he and his daughters have no US holiday plans coming up.

  4. Newman says:

    Is Joseph Muscat going to put the blame for this on the people of Bidnija?

  5. Evarist Saliba says:

    Can John Dalli read this and still be at peace with himself? Is he planning another trip to Our Lady in Lourdes?

  6. Minnie says:

    True. But it was the Nationalist Party’s fault for sending this piece of work to represent us in Brussels. Seriously, what were they thinking?

  7. Minnie says:

    My God! Even the Americans are conspiring to bring Dalli down.

  8. A. Mark says:

    I hope Dalli and friends are pissing their pants that the U.S. Department of Justice might file an extradition request.

  9. James Vella Clark says:

    U bil-wiċċ tost kollu, il-CARETAKER iwaħħal fik.

  10. Stephen Forster says:

    At least you had the cojones to come forward. Most folks wouldn’t.

  11. CB says:

    Sorry, they are not out on bail, because they were never arrested. It seems that the police are still ‘investigating’, but very very slowly.

  12. No wonder Louis Grech has bowed out? Louis Grech is a key component.

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