UPDATED WITH INFO/2am at the Lands Department – the lights are on upstairs

Published: June 4, 2017 at 3:47am

This photograph was taken by a friend who drove past the Lands Department just after 2am tonight and noticed that the lights are on in the upstairs windows.

What’s going on? This is a matter for the police – but we know how far that will go.

UPDATE: Somebody who is very familiar with the Lands Department contacted me shortly after I uploaded this picture (many people seem to have spent the night awake) to report that the room in which the lights are on is that used by Peter Mamo, who was Commissioner of Lands until the government abolished that role a few months ago when it set up the Lands Authority, whose board is packed with Labour supporters including Christian Cardona’s first ex wife, Maria Cardona.

“The room contains four desks, and all four people who sit at them at die-hard Labour, two of whom are trusted unquestioningly by the CEO, Carlo Mifsud,” the source said. “On a day to day basis, that room contains hundreds of files, some of which are extremely sensitive and never leave the room, unless it’s from hand to hand to another trusted Muscat supporter. I hope the exit poll is right, because this scum has to go and a clean-up and serious investigations have to take place at the Lands Department.”