This is the damage that has been done to ordinary Maltese people by the sale of Maltese citizenship and the corruption of their government

Published: June 3, 2017 at 8:51pm

A man has just rung me in consternation. For 20 years he has paid a premium for a life insurance policy taken out with a UK company, Friends Life.

Now, for the first time ever, he has received a letter – after sending his banker’s draft to pay the premium – telling him that unless he submits proof of the source of funds, the company will not be able to accept his payment in terms of its anti-money-laundering regulations.

The letter, reproduced below, says:

Thank you for sending a bankers draft for the annual premium of the above policy due on 5 June 2017.

In order to satsisfy our Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, we need to establish where the money has come from. Please can you provide a letter from the bank that supplied the bankers draft confirming where the funds originated.

We will be unable to accept payment without this information.

I have been receiving similar reports from all over, for the last few months. People living in Spain who couldn’t have the proceeds of the sale of their Malta flat transferred to Spain. People living in Italy who had their years-old bank accounts shut down without warning because they had been opened using a Maltese passport. Business operators who tried to pay for goods bought in US dollars, and who had to jump through a hundred complicated hoops with massive delays.

This is the price ordinary Maltese are paying so that Henley & Partners, “Keith and Joseph” and lawyers and corporate service providers who behave like imġewħin, destroying their own country’s reputation for 30 pieces of silver, can continue to stuff their personal and company bank accounts, some of which – as with corrupt accountant Brian Tonna and sleazy Keith Schembri, are offshore and were not declared to the authorities.

Suddenly, because of Henley & Partners and its fake Maltese people, because of the tidal wave of government corruption, every Maltese person is a fake Maltese citizen and a money-launderer.

All of them – Christian Kalin of Henley, “Keith and Joseph”, that ghastly Konrad and his creepy wife Sai, and all their enablers, including the lawyers and corporate service providers who jumped on the sale-of-passports bandwagon like starving people as soon as they were given a cut, should be lined up and shot at dawn for what they have done to the rest of us.

Now even an elderly man living in a Maltese village, who has diligently paid his life insurance policy premium for two decades, is a suspected money-launderer and fake Maltese.