Edward Zammit Lewis (EdZL) has lost his seat

Published: June 6, 2017 at 4:57pm

Another Labour candidate/MP/former cabinet member who has been a regular fixture on this website for the last four years has failed to be elected to parliament.

Edward Zammit Lewis, known as EdZL, has lost his seat in parliament after struggling agonisingly through multiple vote counts right up until this afternoon.

Interestingly, though supporters of the Labour Party enjoy spreading the propaganda that I am evil incarnate, that this website is rubbish and that I write lies, they seem to spend a lot of time here, reading assiduously.

Beyond Muscat and Konrad Mizzi (for obvious reasons), every Labour candidate or MP whose activities, large and small, have been exposed here has either failed to be re-elected (if s/he had a seat already), failed to be elected (if a first-time candidate) or struggled to be elected right up until the last count, like Chris Cardona, who will now be deputy prime minister because he is deputy leader and the other deputy leader does not have a seat in parliament (Louis Grech).

Perhaps the people carping against “Daphne’s style of communication” on Facebook would like to take note of this fact.