They got away with it then, and they will get away with it now

Published: June 29, 2017 at 5:17pm

The Golden Years of Labour – they got away with it then, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that they will get away with it now.

Why did they get away with it then? Because the man on the right of the picture below, Guido Demarco, who was Peter Paul Busuttil’s defence counsel, became Minister for the Interior (now known as Home Affairs, responsible for the police) a few months later in 1987 – and showed spectacular reluctance to go after anybody but the former chief of police, which was unavoidable because a man had actually been murdered under interrogation in his office.

And the man on the left of the picture, Ninu Zammit, who became Minister of Public Works at the same time, was discovered two years ago to have accumulated three million euros in a secret bank account in Switzerland. And after that we discovered that he had – before the other discovery was made – been secretly given an amnesty by Joseph Muscat’s incoming government in 2013, having declared a few weeks before the general election that year that he was pulling out of politics and the Nationalist Party.

Something tells me that the collusion of the new Nationalist Party leadership will mean that this fresh set of Labour crooks are going to get away with it too.

State institutions have been captured, and now they are working on co-opting the prospective new leader of the Nationalist Party to their cause. For now, they are working on Adrian Delia, but they will work on whoever makes it. And this by making it sound as though that wound has healed, when it is actually red-raw and bleeding – the aim being to make anyone who keeps up the corruption stories sound like they’re beating a tired old drum. And then by the end of five years, people will have long lost their motivation – let alone by the end of another 10 years.

I hope you understand just how grave the situation is.