Muscat’s visit to Betsson later this morning: Betsson to stay

Published: June 6, 2017 at 9:25am

An email circulated to Betsson employees early this morning reassures them that Betsson will stay on in Malta despite escalating rumours of plans to pull out, which have caused consternation.

The email says: “As Malta’s largest iGaming company, rumours about us are always going to be around in one way or another. The latest one is that Betsson Group intends to leave Malta, which is absolutely untrue. Betsson has been in Malta since 2004, we have recently celebrated the joining of the 1,000th employee and we have opened a second office in Malta, the Betsson E2 Hub.”
It continues:  “We have grown into a successful international company, but our base is in Malta and we aim to stay. I know for a fact that our CEO and President Ulrik Bengtsson will make that clear to Prime Minister Muscat in today’s meeting.”
Well, that’s a relief.


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  1. Minnie says:

    A relief? Not really. One of their heads and I go way back and pulling out was never on the cards. The problem does not lie with remote gaming; it’s the financial services which need safe guarding. That’s where problems could emerge.

  2. Claudia Pecorella says:

    What did the government promise them this time in order to stay in Malta?

  3. ex Laburist minn H'Attard says:

    Minn dawn il-kumpaniji hadd ma hu sejjer. Dahluwha go raskhom. Dawn kuntenti Malta ghax qeghdin jiffrankaw it-taxxi. Ma jinteressahomx mil-Panama.

    Din ser tispicca boomerang f’wicc il-PN ghax mhux talli ser jitilqu talli ser jigu aktar. Dan li qieghed nghid bl-ebda mod ma jfisser li qieghed naccetta l-pastazata kbira tal-Panama.

  4. ex Laburist minn H'Attard says:

    Jien f’din l-industrija nahdem ukoll.

  5. citybug says:

    The irony of life. Hundreds upon hundreds of jobs in remote gaming created by a Nationalist government, and they vote Labour and say that it’s all thanks to Joseph.

  6. James Buhagiar says:

    It is a relief. But they have just opened a base in Budapest and rather than employing people in Malta, they’ve started growing that base.

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