Pullicino Orlando: Still waging a bitter, two-decades-old war against his ex wife

Published: June 3, 2017 at 11:26am

You know how there are those people you avoid at parties and who you cross the road to avoid, because they are doggedly fixated in hatred of a former spouse, to the point where they come across as unbalanced?

This is what happens when that kind of sick obsession is projected onto the political stage: Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando isn’t waging a war on the “coalition of confusion”. He’s waging a war on his ex wife (the mother of his children, incidentally, but he doesn’t seem to think that matters) and the very nice man for whom she left him, after years of putting up with his nasty and violent character.

This is all so unsavoury. Even for their children’s sake he shouldn’t do it, but these men are absolute narcissists.

Pullicino Orlando seems to think that all Maltese are like him, just because around 50% are. But decent people would vote for “confusion” – what confusion; the confusion is in Muscat’s party – than grave corruption any day.