The scene that made me angriest in this election

Published: June 6, 2017 at 7:46pm

It was watching that brave couple, Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia, walking into the electoral counting-hall surrounded by police officers for their protection while a horde of Labour Party canvassers and counting-agents jeered at them like savages.

It was terrible, really primitive. It brought to mind scenes throughout history of dignified victims of horrible and repressive regimes being paraded through the streets while jeered by the foul mob.

Something in me just snaps when I see things like that. I can’t bear it. It is so outrageous. Cowardice jeering bravery. The corrupt and unprincipled jeering the principled. The bad people laughing at good people for not being bad like them: “Look at us, we succeeded because we’re bad, and you failed because you refused to join us. Hahahahaha.”

Awful. I can’t stand it. If they’re going to be bad and corrupt and indecent, they should at least do it without mocking, jeering and insulting those who show them up for what they are, those who are so much better than they are.

Crowds jeering lone individuals forced to walk through their midst? Horrendous – where are we living.

This morning at the counting-hall, when she was elected, Marlene Farrugia took a different tack. She dropped the quiet dignity and she and Godfrey Farrugia walked through together, with her shaking her fist at the mocking men all the way.

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  1. Spa says:

    Jien proud li mhiniex mal-maggoranza. Il-maggoranza ghazlet il-hazin.

    • pete ross says:

      I propose that we crowd-fund a billboard with your golden words.

      • Reuben D. Spiteri says:

        Really… good sentiment but why bother? Honestly the majority has shown us their true colors so if you want to do a fund raiser you might as well ‘buy them back’, although I personally wouldn’t want those easily-corruptible people anyway.

  2. Lavender says:

    “Malta! Malta!” she shouted, together with Godfrey, but sadly it fell on deaf Neanderthal ears.

  3. Gez says:

    Muscat’s repression unleashed.

  4. And they are uncivilised.

  5. Les Bon Bons says:

    Just like what the Zurrieq mayor did to you a few years back. Pathetic!

  6. Genn says:

    I am happy for Marlene Farrugia. I gave her the chance as I know she loves my country wholeheartedly. May she keep fighting for what is right. May she carry on and never give up.

  7. Dave says:

    Jien ghalija Marlene u Godfrey hargu ta’ nies u dawk il-clowns waqghu ghan-nejk.

  8. JDebattista says:

    Moral, mental and cultural Neanderthals.

  9. Mario Damato says:

    Non possumus non debemus non volumus

  10. WhoamI? says:

    She can deal with it, and has shown to be capable of doing that. What angers me is the fact that someone is leaking information to that lousy Neville Gafa. He’s all over Facebook right now posting information that can only come from within the party.

  11. just me says:

    What disappoints and hurts me most is that 55% of Maltese KNOWINGLY voted for corruption. In the 2013 election they might have been excused as they had not yet tried Muscat.

    But now, everyone knows what he is worth and yet they still gave him their vote. I was really hoping for a PN win as I thought most Maltese were honest.

    I do not know how those who voted for him sleep at night. Deep down they know they have done the wrong thing. They know they chose wrong from right.

    Suddenly I do not feel at home here any more. This is not my country. I am not like this.

    • Joseph Mark Buttigieg says:

      Dawk nies ihobbu l-pika. Pika mal-Partit Nazzjonalista. That’s what it’s all about, the rest is irrelevant. They are more than happy to spend five years in misery for that single two-minute moment they can show their red wrist bands.

  12. politicks says:

    Decent people are often in the minority.

  13. strakarpet says:

    I swear I have never seen scenes like that on TV even where it is an election in a Third World country.

    Malta really has gone to the dogs, not that it has ever been a Sweden in the Mediterranean (let’s be honest), but you’d think we’d have developed at least a bit by now. Wishful thinking.

    • Reuben D. Spiteri says:

      Nope. The rabid nature of the Maltese was just being repressed and the PL unleashed the filthy beast back in 2013 and kept feeding it now.

  14. Paul Vella says:

    We need more people like Marlene Farrugia. She showed one and all that she does need the PL ticket to get voted into parliament.

    Let’s hope she will be the first of many with her qualities to stand up and be counted even against such hostility.

  15. c calafato says:

    Yes it’s true, but I can’t sleep easily, thinking what my daughter will have to go through under a Labour government, when she is so young. I was exactly her age (5) in 1981, that thought will haunt me for the next 5 years.

    • Reuben D. Spiteri says:

      Hopefully by the time she’s 10 (or earlier as it seems the PL is allergic to completing a term of 5 years) people might have been shook awake. The problem is that nothing short of an economic catastrophe will be able to do that, and at times I doubt THAT will be enough, too.

  16. bookmemoirs says:

    You know, when I see Konrad Mizzi, Joseph Muscat and his spouse, and Keith Schembri, walking amidst the crowds, one thing comes to mind, Cersei’s walk of atonement, with people shouting, ‘shame’ and throwing all kinds of unmentionable things at them.

  17. And when you say how dreadful that kind of behaviour is, and those kinds of individuals, they call you elitist.

    • Reuben D. Spiteri says:

      Well they don’t have the mental capacity to know better, do they? They’re mostly parrots in human form.

  18. I think a lot of people are missing the point that the PD is NOT in parliament. The Nationalist Party is. The seats PD holds are PN seats, because they were won on the PN ticket. I voted for all the ‘orange’ candidates on my list. They were all on the blue box beneath the PARTIT NAZZJONALISTA heading.

    • callixtus says:

      I also voted for the Orange candidates, but only after going through all the Nationalist ones. Her seat was won as a PN seat, but it is now her seat and she is the leader of another party and should not be allowed to contest the PN’s leadership. Wenzu Mintoff’s seat was won as a MLP seat but it became his and when he formed the AD it became an AD seat.

  19. Reuben D. Spiteri says:

    Oh they realize it all right. They just don’t have the morals and integrity to give a flying f**k about it as long as they’re sitting pretty with their nice little jobs thinking they’re people.

    The PN voter acts with the country’s good future in mind. The PL ones just want the life of a fat cat and repercussions be damned.

  20. Reuben D. Spiteri says:

    They didn’t just endorse it. They let themselves be bought (a.k.a. corrupted).

  21. Reuben D. Spiteri says:

    Let’s face it: Salvu was often out of line with his words. I can appreciate the man’s sentiment as I feel the same about it but really he should have either been kept in line when it came to his vocabulary or not allowed to stand at all.

    There are other ways to express one’s feelings; I’m sure that if Simon Busuttil had wanted to use colorful language he’d have had plenty to choose from, but knew that to be the representative of the people one can’t act like a “hamallu minn qiegh ir-rahal”.

  22. Well, at least they weren’t setting fire to other people’s property for a change.

  23. As long as they’re not angering me for conspiring to take kickbacks on deals and funnel them into an offshore account while lying to my face about it, I think I’m fine with anything that may do that will annoy me.

    • Tabatha_White says:

      I think he may be doing what is honourable. The Nationalist Party follows the rule book even when it is to their detriment.

      I’m not sure the party realises, in its totality, that it is able to refuse to accept the resignation, should it so wish to.

  24. Tony says:

    Naf li dan il-kumment li se nghaddi hu xi ftit partiggjan u negattiv, imma, “In a way, hudu gost, ghax dan il-gest deplorabbli ta’ whud mill-attivisti laburisti, juri bic-car, li r-rizultat ta’ l-elezzjoni u l-poter, diga’, jekk mhux ilu, li bdew jitilewlhom ghal rashom.”

    Jien ninsab cert, li din it-tip ta’ reazzjoni ma’ tantx tista’ thalli mpressjoni tajba fuq il-floaters genwini li vvotaw lil l-istess PL.

  25. Evarist Saliba says:

    I do not contradict you. The point I made was only to show that the leaders of the Labour Party, and the President herself, should not dismiss what happened in the counting hall as that of a few hot-heads and should be forgotten or forgiven.

  26. Genn says:

    She’s a woman, expect the ‘ghax nifqak’ bullying attitude from now on. Though however I very much agree that Marlene Farrugia will put things into perspective. Give me an election any time again and I will vote her no questions asked.

  27. percita says:

    Sur-Saliba, int gbartu id-dokument tal-vot? Jekk le, int parti mitt tort tat-telfa.

  28. Robert Attard says:

    In the days running up to the election I have tried to find a place in which to exchange ideas and create some sort of common ground with people that do not necessarily see eye to eye with my views. I tried to present my ideas as respectfully as possible. The truth is that in most cases I was jeered for even contemplating my thoughts.

    People enjoy echo chambers and unfortunately the internet has sought to enforce that reality. Preaching to the choir does not bring about any change in the way people think. People are ready to listen but I think that it is wise to acknowledge that the heart is the door to the mind.

  29. Mikhail Tal says:

    I am quoting from the statute. The fact that Paul Borg Olivier says those words, indicates that there was a controversy on that nomination as well.

  30. Real Politicians says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong in comparing Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia to Franco Debono. Debono puts himself first and indulges in self gratification in his every move. He’s sickening.

    Marlene and Godfrey put Malta before themselves. They must have been living in hell these past months, with all the abuse hurled at them from Labourites, in defending what was right. I am sure they did this at great sacrifice and that both their families and their relationship suffered immensely.

    They are two very honest people. Marlene is fearless too, and will not tolerate corruption. This is why she no longer fitted in the Labour Party. I wish her all the luck she deserves in politics.

  31. Lavender says:

    21st century Neanderthals

  32. Lavender says:

    Marlene ‘the Justice Machine’

  33. M.Vassallo says:

    Not only corrupt, my dear Daphne,
    but criminal,
    experts in foul language,
    and God knows more……

  34. Karm Farrugia says:

    In Malta, sadly, who is not corrupt among politicos? People like KMB are very rare, unfortunately.

  35. Karm Farrugia says:


  36. Karm Farrugia says:

    What sort of ‘price’?

  37. I can’t imagine Mr Farrugia ever assassinating anyone’s character.

  38. Lino Spiteri says:

    I agree. It’s taking a long time for Simon Busuttil to see what a grave mistake he is about to make not to let himself be confirmed as leader of the Nationalist Party.

  39. Karm Farrugia says:

    You have a right to your own opinion, as others have an equal right to an opposite view.

  40. Marianna Galea Xuereb says:

    I only wish I were but unfortunately I am speaking from first hand bitter experience.

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