The scene that made me angriest in this election

Published: June 6, 2017 at 7:46pm

It was watching that brave couple, Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia, walking into the electoral counting-hall surrounded by police officers for their protection while a horde of Labour Party canvassers and counting-agents jeered at them like savages.

It was terrible, really primitive. It brought to mind scenes throughout history of dignified victims of horrible and repressive regimes being paraded through the streets while jeered by the foul mob.

Something in me just snaps when I see things like that. I can’t bear it. It is so outrageous. Cowardice jeering bravery. The corrupt and unprincipled jeering the principled. The bad people laughing at good people for not being bad like them: “Look at us, we succeeded because we’re bad, and you failed because you refused to join us. Hahahahaha.”

Awful. I can’t stand it. If they’re going to be bad and corrupt and indecent, they should at least do it without mocking, jeering and insulting those who show them up for what they are, those who are so much better than they are.

Crowds jeering lone individuals forced to walk through their midst? Horrendous – where are we living.

This morning at the counting-hall, when she was elected, Marlene Farrugia took a different tack. She dropped the quiet dignity and she and Godfrey Farrugia walked through together, with her shaking her fist at the mocking men all the way.