Yes, she was always there, with her disabled-parking permit and her five-inch heels

Published: June 15, 2017 at 12:15pm

And then Luciano Busuttil wonders why he lost his seat in parliament. Yes, laundering money through a company in Panama and a trust in New Zealand when you are a minister of the government is a far bigger crime than running around in five-inch heels while using a disabled-parking permit.

But this is just like that notorious ‘Maltese clock’. People who don’t understand what money-laundering is, or the scale of millions of euros, understand what wearing five-inch heels means while claiming to be physically disabled and in need of a special parking permit.

Also, Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri need Konrad Mizzi to sign their crooked contracts because a cabinet minister has to do that – and Muscat likes to keep his own hands clean. They need Konrad Mizzi and they most certainly do not need or want Luciano Busuttil. They’re obviously going to let him keep his position, his salary, his car and his chauffeur, though, as chairman of Malta’s sports council.

Well, as long as Parking Permit Dorothy is there in his hour of greed… Meanwhile, the King of Queens (Pastizzerija), has let it be known that his second Facebook page, Luciano Busuttil II, will now “cease to exist”. No, no, please, no. Madonna, no.