The brand-new Commissioner for Justice’s law thesis

Published: August 23, 2017 at 2:59pm

This person is going to be sitting in judgement over others and settling disputes in traffic and related tribunals. Quite frankly, no wonder she needed to abuse of her father’s position as cabinet minister to get herself put on the state payroll.

It’s not just the spelling – and her laptop would have underlined that in red automatically even if she does not know how to spell it herself, as a lawyer should – but the shocking indifference to detail. Indifference to detail in a lawyer? Indifference to detail in somebody judging disputes of law? Grievous.

On a separate note: the University of Malta’s law course really is rubbish if it allows people to graduate, as lawyers, when they can’t spell words lawyers are required to use and when they think correct spelling in a matter of opinion and entirely optional.