David Thake on the subject of Adrian Delia’s reaction this morning

Published: August 12, 2017 at 2:36pm

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  1. Mike says:

    Well said, David. The thing about common sense is that it isn’t common at all.

  2. Franco Debono says:

    DeliaFalz qed jipprova jilaghbha tal-vittma. Halli naghmilha cara li jekk kien hawn xi had li kien vittma ta’ attakki ingusti u odjuzi minn Daphne fil-konfront tieghu kont jien. Pero nghid ukoll, bil-qawwa kollha li fuq DeliaFalz Daphne ghandha ragun, u ghandha ragun biex tbiegh – jmissu jisthi jikkontesta ghal kap u ma jaghmilx dikjarazzjoni tal-assi – hija xi haga assurda u fl-opinjoni umli tieghi surreali. Huwa inaccettabbli u kundannabbli kif politiku wannabee jattakka b’mod isteriku gurnalista li sempliciment qed tirraporta fatti.
    Attakki personali huma dejjem kundannabbli pero narrazzjoni u rappurtagg ta’ fatti huma essenzjali f’socjeta demokratika.
    U se nghid haga ohra. Jien minn Daphne qatt ma bzajt u dan tafu Malta kollha u minix se nibza’ pero’ kull meta cemplitli dejjem kienet edukata.

  3. Was there something which triggered it? Yes: the ability to recognise a wanker when I see one. It wasn’t always the case.

    • may borg says:

      This Delia appeared from a political nowhere. He did not want to earn his position by first trying to get elected and working his way up. That tells me that what he really wants is power.

      It is useless to try and dress it up like he did in his article on the Independent of today. Nice words if they were true:

      “It is not without much introspection and grappling with doubts that I have resolved to follow in the footsteps of my heroes. But it is time for my generation to step up to its duty as Fenech Adami, Gonzi and Busuttil did when they were called upon to do so.

      Here I am to see the ending of the days of corruption when our people are made to think that politicians are in it to inflate their personal stash rather than to serve their community.

      Here I stand to fulfil my duty. Here I stand to serve.”

  4. I only use an offensive tone with offensive people. In those situations, it becomes imperative to do so.

  5. T.A.X. says:

    In the meantime she might have opened a different account to keep in touch with what is being said without showing her face.

  6. Ben Jones says:

    We want to know more about the loans HSBC gave to Dr Delia and Co and who authorised them.

  7. FCB says:

    The two main culprits why PN lost two consecutive elections by a record trashing joined forces…this time against their own people!
    But you will get another kick in the butt…this time by the tesserati!
    I really pity Simon and the PN…you guided them straight into a concrete wall…and now I have serious doubts that it was all done on purpose!
    Out with the old clique…we want new blood!

    • Take a couple of diazepam and lie down for a while.

    • Pyxis amisit says:

      Had it not been for these two people, Labour’s win would have been much bigger.

      I hope that David Thake will reflect well and hopefully reverse his decision to go off-air.

      His unorthodox and irreverent mode of questioning is a must in a true democracy.

      If by “new-blood” you mean Labour-leaning, possibly planted, outsiders, then no thank you. And please, stop repeating the word ‘clique’. In every organisation a leader needs a close-knit team that works in full synchrony with his agenda.

      Conversely, in every organisation, there will be opposing teams that fight the hand that feeds them. I’m sure that the same situation exists in the Labour Party.

      There is new blood within the PN parliamentary group but none came forward to try and become leader. Why? Because they know that leadership implies many challenges and failures from which they need to recover.

      Just take time to study Eddie Fenech Adami’s leadership journey right up to the apex of his role as party leader.

      If we really want to put the PN in government next time around we need a seasoned person. A dynamic and accomplished leader, already shaped and honed, to outwit and outmanoeuvre Joseph Muscat and his cabal.

      Definitely, the new leader must not only be tech-savvy but must proactively promote the use of data analytics to ensure that political decisions taken are based on extensive mining of social, cultural and demographic data.

      The present mantra that we need to be close to the people in person is too idealistic to achieve in practice.

      PN 2.0 has to be a party that permeates social media like water infiltrates each crevice. Joseph Muscat did it and so can the next leader if she or he is well versed on the rules of power in a digital society.

    • Jon Borg says:

      New blood? Sure, but not financially damaged blood where it could affect the party. No thanks.

  8. iktar nahseb li kien hemm xi argument ma’ Delia (jew il-kamp tieghu) u issa Dottor Debono dehrlu li mhux ta’ min jibqa’ alleat ta’ Delia. ‘Qas jekk jghidli Debono stess li ghandi zball ma nemmnu. Ara dan qattx gab ruhu ta’ ragel? Issa se taharqu qalbu ghall-irgulija? Ghidlu jhallina.

  9. No bullshit says:

    A newcomer? It depends on what sort of newcomer. Do we need an imbruljun?

    What sort of leader is he going to be if he is mired in debt?

    By his own admission, he is going to spend the next two years wheeling and dealing selling flats to pay it off. This is just not on.

  10. Lemmings rushing towards the cliff-face. “Not particularly bright” is an understatement. Stupidity is a major genetic factor in Malta, I find.

  11. Mention one person who “joined the party penniless and left filthy rich”, other than John Dalli.

  12. Funny how Delia’s supporters think and speak like Laburisti.

    • callixtus says:

      Because they are.

      • FCB says:

        We are both PN…the difference is I support a new way of doing politics and you support the old clique! I want the party to win…and you are happy with the status quo.
        #anewway #modgdid

      • John Doe says:

        You seem to know this Delia well. Or maybe you do not know him at all because if you know him or crossed his path he is nothing more than big mouth, a self-centred ego maniac who has no understanding or even a capacity to understand social issues, understand the need of the under privileged, respect other people or even an iota of social responsibility.

        He is an ego with an ass and two legs, a big mouth, big on noise, low on substance. He is one of those people who love the sound of their voices. There is not even one sympaththetic bone in his body.

        Adrian Delia as Opposition leader? I SNORT with laughter.

      • Chris says:

        If you want ‘a new way’ perhaps you should start by not parroting old cliches. So far your political analysis leaves much to be desired.

        To say that David Thake was one of the reasons why the PN failed to carry the day is bizarre.

        You are either a canvasser of Delia or a Labour troll. Either way you are not doing him any favours.

      • Macduff says:

        Writing hashtags at the end of your comments doesn’t add any values to it, you know.

    • FCB says:

      ezatt ilaqttu l-likk!

    • il-Ginger says:

      Hit the nail on the head.

    • Franġiska says:

      Hekk qed ngħid, konna u għadna ngħidu għal-Laburisti kemm jimxu bħaz-zwiemel imma mid-dehra din hi xi ħaġa li jagħmluha parti kbira tal-Maltin, huma ta’ liema kulur huma.

  13. Yes, they are. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problems are all his.

  14. Rosie says:

    I want spend the rest of my life with you.

  15. Angela Galea says:

    @”…your negativity”? What a parrot and an idiot. Don’t you know that negativity + positivity = REALITY? Both are very important. That’s what David Thake, Simon Busuttil and Daphne Caruana Galizia were on about; reality and the truth. But both reality and truth are very alien to Labour and their sympathisers.

    • FCB says:

      Keep your head right there…buried in the sand!
      In the meantime PL are having a field day in Parliament and dismantling our institutions…

  16. David Thake says:

    Why don’t you stop being a spineless chicken and mention names, starting with your own.

  17. Macduff says:

    Go on, name these people.

    Also, do tell us who fed Labour information from within the Nationalist Party executive, while we’re at it.

    Or are you running scared, now?

  18. may borg says:

    Iridu new blood imexxi imma l-voti ta’ dawk old blood iriduhom ukoll jekk iridu jirbhu. Aqtghuha din tan-new blood. Muscat lil hadd ma rema’. Hemm dak il-youngster Karmenu Vella go Brussels, iehor new blood huwa Edward Scicluna. Tinsix lil George Vella li ghadu kemm telaq.

    Li hemm bzonn hija biss strategija tajba minn xi erba’ rjus li jahsbu car u ghandhom VIZJONI. Wisq nahseb li Muscat tant ivvalenha l-politika li hadd li hu serju ma jrid imissha b’idejh.

  19. Pyxis amisit says:

    Experience has taught me that persons who are doing well in a specific domain do not perform well when taken out of that domain to become leaders of a complex matrix organisation such as a political party.

    It’s a lose-lose situation where you lose a good technocrat and gain an ineffective leader. This is what happened to Simon Busuttil.

    He did a fantastic job as an MEP and to orchestrate Malta’s EU membership but that technical, legal and bureaucratic acumen did not necessarily qualify him to be party leader from day one.

    I reiterate that a leader becomes one after she or he has managed to recover from several failures by turning things around to deliver spectacular results.

    Quitting after the first failure was not the right thing to do as that truncated the momentum Busuttil had mustered on his way to becoming a resilient teflon-coated leader.

    It also dashed the PN’s hopes of winning the next election – except if anyone who comes in now is a close equivalent to Steve Jobs albeit of the political kind. Alas, none such persons are in the race or were willing to save us from this dystopia.

    • Efrem Gatt says:

      “Quitting after the first failure was not the right thing to do as that truncated the momentum Busuttil had mustered on his way to becoming a resilient teflon-coated leader. ”

      Well said. It was a hasty decision which turned out to be a great loss for the Nationalist Party, and it also proves how the Labour Party’s strategies are always carefully planned out, and executed.

  20. FCB says:

    You are so self-centered that you don’t even admit that your contribution led to to massive record defeat!
    ..and you are not just taking a break from the radio but you are giving us decent listeners a fu##en break from your nonsense.
    The defeat was not “your fault” but you gave a decent contribution to the defeat.
    People like me (a huge number of PN supporters) want change…a big change! We want a new way of doing politics…and the only ray of hope is Adrian Delia.
    #anewway #modgdid

  21. I can answer that: 8,000 switchers back in the fold.

    Without them, the gap would have been 16,000 bigger.

    But you are so uninformed that you do not know that the gap between the parties – which was 36,000 and not 40,000 – stayed the same only in numerical terms. Within that number there were massive shifts.

  22. FCB says:

    Did you make your financial situation, assets and liabilities public before you presented yourself as a PN candidate? Did the people had the right to know before they choose you? (thank God they chose wisely on both districts)
    What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

    • I don’t think you realise that we’re talking about the election of the Opposition leader here, not an ordinary MP. It is a Constitutional role, and one of the highest offices in the land. I suggest you get yourself an education. You don’t want people to think that you’re supporting Delia because you’re dumb.

      • FCB says:

        It is not required by the Constitution, is it? The answer is NO! An individual is free to decide. So stop this crap…
        On the other hand you will get what you want, since Delia announced today that an audit shall be published by a reputable firm.
        You teaming up with Thake and Balzan against a prospective PN leader shows there is a co-ordinated effort and a hidden agenda…But you will be disappointed once again…WE ARE FED UP OF THE CLIQUE! PEOPLE ARE FED UP OF ALL THIS NEGATIVITY!
        #anewway #modgdid

      • Oh look. Adrian Delia has an unhinged bird-brain for a supporter.

      • Chris says:

        FCB, please stop digging that hole. What in the name of all that is sensible has this to do with the Constitution?
        Delia has put his name forward as a potential party leader without even being an MP. Unlike MPs he has never ever had to disclose his financial commitments.

        That makes him even more of a closed book. If I were a party member that would be the first thing I would want to know.

        As to this business of teaming up – Geez Louise, another paranoid conspiracy theorist. That is exactly what we don’t need at this time.

        Are you telling me that the information that came into Daphne’s hands would not have got into Labour hands? Are you telling me that they wouldn’t have made an even bigger meal of it?

        And finally the moment you wrote ‘we are fed up of all this negativity’, you showed your true colours. You are either naive, having drunk the Labour KoolAid, or a Labour troll.

        Either way I suggest you think twice or three times before commenting.

  23. Max says:

    Both financially and morally bankrupt. This leadership contest may be a tragicomedy, but it remains the legacy of a single man who essentially ditched his voters when they needed him the most.

    There is no longer the case for supporting the Nationalist Party, for hailing Simon Busuttil’s “honourable” decision to resign, or for endorsing any of the candidates who have presented themselves for election.

  24. Franġiska says:

    Meta ħarġu bl-idea fraħt ngħid id-dritt għax ħsibt li għallanqas it-tesserati mhux qegħdin biss biex iħallsu t-tessera.

    Imma llum naqbel miegħek perfettament. Ma kienx mument! X’waħda din. It-tesserati qed iduru kontra xulxin.

    Nittama li ma tkunx kawza anke ta’ telfien ta’ ħbiberiji.

  25. FCB says:

    Veru il-klikka tal-PN li zarmaw partit kolla kontrih!

  26. FCB says:

    3 small things to start with…

    1) 2008 – after winning by a whisker it was “irridu naghmlu widnejna ma’ l-art ha nisimghu xi jrid il-poplu, ma fehemniex x’ried il-poplu”
    2)2013 – after a massive trashing it was “kors naturali ta’ gvern, in-nies riedu bidla, ma kienx hemm x’nistu ngahmlu”
    3)2017 – after an even more massive trashing “il-poplu injorant, mohhu biss fil-but, ghatih il-flus fil-but u jivvutalek, ma jinteressahx mill-korruzzjoni, il-poplu ma fehemx lilna (sic!!!)”

    True or not?

    Sheer arrogance from those who control the party from behind the scenes. In the meantime the party ran into several millions of euros in the red, forced to sell it’s assets (the clubs) and is in a pitiful state, factions arguing on social media, attacking fiercely each other…and the PL having the time of their lives…

    That is why we need change…that is why we need #anewway

  27. FCB says:

    Me negative? I embrace change and strongly believe PN can win!

    Examples of negativity…just watch again all the press conferences and meetings before the election and see for yourself…korruzzjoni korruzzjoni korruzzjoni. Radio programs korruzzjoni korruzzjoni korruzzjoni. Debates on TV korruzzjoni korruzzjoni korruzzjoni…

    As we say in Maltese…min ghamel sena u nifs jghid u jittama lill-kap u l-partitarji li ghandu l-provi…meta waaslet il-gimgha tal-elezzjoni bezaq is-sunnara…puffff all the campaign €1,000,000+ up in smoke, and we all know the result, the consequences and the party situation right now!

  28. Why do so many people who migrate here from Facebook sound like they’re bipolar and having a manic episode?

  29. Antoine Portelli says:

    Says he who until a couple of months ago was just a voice behind a microphone, contested the election and if I’m not mistaken at some point even considered running for leadership!! With due respect Mr Thake can you enlighten me and explain what makes Dr Delia unfit to be PN leader and what would have made you a worthy contender for such post ?

  30. Antoine Portelli says:

    Totally in agreement with you FCB

  31. They were always crook-lovers. That’s why the Nationalists had to battle hard to be elected even against a mega-crook like Mintoff and weirdos like KMB and Sant.

  32. I’ll ask. I’m particularly interested in his position re Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, given that he is/was his client.

  33. Albert Rossi says:

    Spot on

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