Every lawyer and accountant who’s read this has understood immediately what it means

Published: August 24, 2017 at 2:37pm

But apparently, there are lots of people from Adrian Delia’s campaign group spreading posts on the internet which are deliberate misinformation while dissing me and accusing me of “lying” despite the clear evidence in the documents I published that Adrian Delia has been lying himself.

They are behaving exactly like Labour supporters in the throes of the Panama crisis. “So what if he has a bank account in Jersey?”. But it’s not about the bank account in Jersey, is it. It’s about the fact that Adrian Delia lied when he said that he had no bank account anywhere but Malta.

And it’s about what his bank account in Jersey was used for: laundering the proceeds of a prostitution racket in London. It may also have been used for other purposes, legal and illegal, but this is what we know about so far.

The fact that Dr Delia did this “for a client” does not exculpate him in any shape or form. It makes him a party to it.

Every lawyer and accountant (not to say many more besides) who read this letter this morning, which was faxed to the offices of Adrian Delia’s law firm, Aequitas – that is their number on it – will have understood immediately what is going on here.

But I’ll spell it out for the wilfully blind who can’t understand the very plain English in the letter: Adrian Delia received £20,000 a month over three or four years – that means a maximum of £1 million over the full four years – into a bank account held in his personal name at Barclays International in Jersey. This money was being laundered and that is why it was paid into his account and not directly into the account of the ultimate recipient.

Dr Delia was supposed to process the money by passing it on to third parties – in this case two companies incorporated in the Marshall Islands, which are owned by Maltese Soho landlords (I have deleted the company names, but I’ve got them) – but he never did.

The man on whose behalf this firm of solicitors is writing to Delia has accused him of keeping the £1 million himself or using it for means other than passing it on to the intended recipients.

In other words, this letter is clear on the matter that not only was Adrian Delia laundering money from prostitution (“rents from London properties”) through his bank account at Barclays International in Jersey, but as though that were not bad enough, he didn’t do with the money what he had been asked to do and now the people who were due to receive the money, and the man who had paid it into the account, were after him with lawyers and not-so-subtle threats of exposure of his Jersey bank account.

When I said back in 2013 that Malta’s crime network had worked to take over the country by taking over the Labour Party and working to put it in government, I wasn’t joking or exaggerating. You can now see that the next step was to take over the Nationalist Party, and the last few years have been a concentrated effort towards that end, the systematic efforts to destroy Simon Busuttil being a deliberate part of that.

Maltese society is essentially criminal. That is how it grew and survived. Read your history. The last thing we need is to embrace it in the way we are doing now. If we continue to embrace criminality, to make excuses for it, to allow people in public life to wear two hats, to act as if there are no boundaries or standards, to understand that yes, some things really are black or white, then we might as well stop pretending, go the whole hog, and watch while all the decent young people fly out never to return – and Malta turns into 1930s Chicago (quite frankly, it’s there already) or 1980s Palermo.

Nationalist Party leadership frontrunner Adrian Delia: 14 years ago he was helping Maltese Soho landlords to launder the proceeds of a prostitution racket run out of ‘walk-ups’ in London.

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  1. Jon Borg says:

    This means that our man Delia could be on someone’s hit list.

  2. Odyssey says:

    Is Keith Schembri the common denominator across this hijack or penetration?

    • No. It’s a crime network of another sort entirely.

      • Malteser says:

        Still a crime whatever sort. Daphne, I think that with these revelations there must be some truth in the story. Quite complicated.

      • Not really, Malteser. It’s actually quite simple when you break it down: proceeds of crime go to lawyer’s offshore bank account for laundering. Lawyer misappropriates those proceeds of crime over the course of three or four years or pays them on to third parties to whom he is not authorised to pay them.

      • nobody new says:

        And for the 100th time, who was it that for 25 years after the first post-colonial corrupt government left Malta vulnerable to these practices? A lawyer by the name of Eddie Fenech Adami.

        Just admit it if for nothing else at least to say you set the record straight.

      • I say it all the time: that the institutional failure we have seen over the last four years is the direct result of Nationalist governments having changed the country for the better from top to bottom, but then failing to put in institutional safeguards because that meant losing control of the institutions. But of course, there is no guarantee that the people who control the government and therefore the institutions are going to be decent, so when the government is indecent, the inevitable happens. You are obviously not a regular reader.

      • nobody new says:

        And I thank you, and yes, I posted this out of anger – but I hope you understand my generation (I think yours prob 5 years difference) had such high hopes especially individuals who were supposed to be Laburisti sal-mewt or brought up that way but had the brains to understand what was going on.

        I had high hopes in my generation. We were at a unique position. Our past had an excuse but our future did not. It was supposed to know better.

        We had concerts about it and we had TV shows that were banned even. Heck you remember how Georg Sapiano started? Attacking the Freemasons. It became a repeat formula that Joe Mifsud copied. The sheer sarcasm of it all baffles me.

        This guy Delia was not one of those idealistic types, far from it. His circle was always a tad shady. But one of us none the less; we were all young back then and foolish and you know most grew out of it and learned from our mistakes.

        And I am left so disappointed and bitter I cannot believe or trust anything on this rock and preparing to leave when our plans that we started run their course.

        No we are not all criminals, but too few of us to make a difference that is true

      • I hate to break this to you, but if you are five years younger than I am, we’re the same generation. If people five years apart are not the same generation, then siblings wouldn’t belong to the same generation, but they obviously do.

        Five years make a lot of difference when you are a teenager, but by the time you’re in your 20s, it doesn’t. In fact, Georg and I were friends back in our 20s.

        Every generation has high hopes in youth, but all kinds of high hopes tend to be dashed by middle age anyway.

      • Pandora says:

        Remember the film where Michael Douglas says “Greed is good” and its sequel where referring to this same phrase he says “Greed is not only good, it has become legal”?

  3. Angus Black says:

    Delia’s probable response: “But I wasn’t a PEP then.”

    • Melissa says:

      Probably why he skedaddled away from politics when he was a wet-behind-the-ears 17 year-old teenager acting as office help.

  4. Galeforce says:

    In other words, if one goes by the contents of the above letters, he owes circa one million euros to the SOHO folk, in addition to the millions owed to HSBC in Malta.

    And, some jokers nominated him as a candidate for the party leadership and the Electoral commission (or whatever) okayed him as a valid and worthy contender.


    PS should I be sorry for the wife who gave her full power of attorney to such a devious creature?

  5. Andreana Costa says:

    But this was in 2003.

    • Ah, so that’s OK then.

      Let’s not prosecute people who committed murder 30 years ago, for instance, because come on, it was so long ago. The time-barring for money-laundering crimes is 15 years.

    • I don’t think you’ve understood the issues at play here. I suggest you work out what the issues are, and then form an opinion. Don’t try forming an opinion before you have understood what you have read. I’m sorry to sound patronising, and I really don’t mean it that way at all, but quite frankly I have had enough of the depths of ignorance, criminality and irrationality in this tin-pot island.

  6. Benny Hill says:

    What’s this about dumping all politicians? And replace them with what or whom, exactly? With non-corrupt people? From where? Where are the honest, integrity-filled people who should be coming forward to lead the country?

  7. NB says:

    “Maltese society is essentially criminal.”

    And also mediocre, which is why this man will likely be elected as leader of the Opposition, just as the current government was returned to power in the midst of all the corruption allegations, which to date have not been disproved.

    Adrian Delia will win the leadership race and be celebrated as a hero by his supporters, who will be jubilant that the grave wrongdoings of his past did not stop him from winning.

    Yet they never stop to understand that they are cheering for a criminal. Happened with Joseph Muscat and his gang, and I fear will also happen here. It’s bloody frustrating.

  8. Leli says:

    To quote Werner Langer in the case of Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi: “This looks like a typical case of money laundering”.

    In the case of Adrian Delia it also involves potential crimes committed in the UK. I hope someone from the British High Commission takes note of this story and acts on it.

    No wonder Delia told Edward Gatt to join him, Hermann Schiavone and Michael Falzon at their café table in Valletta. He may soon need his services.

  9. hekknahsibha says:

    Ma rridx nibda nohlom li l-elezzjoni li gejja il-PN jista jirbahha.Ghax naf nerga niddizappunta ruhi bil-kbir.

    Izda jekk (allahares qatt) dan Delia isir kap hu ikun qed jaccertani min issa li l-PN ser jerga jitlef. U t-telfa tkun inghatat fi platt minn dawk kollha li bla ma jqisu xejn ikun fdaw il-partit f’idejn dan Delia.

    Ghadu l-anqas radd is-salib u xbajna nisimghu beraq u sajjetti dwaru – li sas 16 ta’ Settembru qed jitfaqqghu minn min qed jipprova jifthilna ghajnejna.Wara s-16 ta Settembru (troppo tardi) il-beraq u s-sajjetti jibdew ifaqqawhom 24 siegha kulljum Joseph Muscat, il- ONE u l-klikka taghhom.

    Imbghad kullhadd jghid ‘ X’GHAMILNA B’IDEJNA’.

  10. Natalia Menshova says:

    Just look at his face. No other proof is needed as such – immoral crook he is. Full stop.

  11. hekknahsibha says:

    Ma rridx nibda nohlom li l-elezzjoni li gejja l-PN jista jirbahha.Ghax naf nerga niddizappunta ruhi bil-kbir.

    Izda jekk (allahares qatt) dan Delia isir kap hu ikun qed jaccertani min issa li l-PN ser jerga jitlef. U t-telfa tkun inghatat fi platt minn dawk kollha li bla ma jqisu xejn ikun fdaw il-partit f’idejn dan Delia.

    Ghadu l-anqas radd is-salib u xbajna nisimghu beraq u sajjetti dwaru – li sas 16 ta’ Settembru qed jitfaqqghu minn min qed jipprova jifthilna ghajnejna.Wara s-16 ta Settembru (troppo tardi) il-beraq u s-sajjetti jibdew ifaqqawhom 24 siegha kulljum Joseph Muscat, il- ONE u l-klikka taghhom.

    Imbghad kullhadd jghid ‘ X’GHAMILNA B’IDEJNA’.

  12. Jim says:

    This evening’s debate will include two people who are willing to take the party down with them (as amply demonstrated in Adrian Delia’s press stunt in front of the Courts of Justice, and everything Frank Portelli has said so far).

    I hope that Chris Said and Alex Perici Calascione are ready to come out swinging.

  13. It is clear there that the threat is to expose Delia’s Jersey account to the Malta authorities.

  14. Pinu Formosa says:

    Ghandi mistosija semplici. Jekk dan Adrian Delia qatt ma kien involut fil-politika, ghandu hbieb kbar mill-kamp Laburista, ghandu ditta ta’ avukati imqabbda sew, ghandu tfal ghadhom zghar, komdu – allura xi jrid jidhol jaghmel fil-politika, imbaghad bhala kap tal-partit BISS?

  15. Henry S Pace says:

    This man is in complete shambles.

  16. Pat says:

    Why would it matter if this matter has been resolved or not? What matters is whether it was all above board or not and why Adrian Delia, as far as I know, has not stated that he never had an account abroad but is talking about not having his own money abroad instead.

  17. Over the course of many years I have often said I wouldn’t vote, in the heat of the moment, but when push came to shove it was obvious that with all its flaws the Nationalist Party was a way better choice than Labour (no, there is no other option) and so I voted and campaigned for them anyway.

    With Delia in charge, however, the choice would not be so obvious. Why vote for another Joe Muscat when we have the original? Just because he’s a blue-tinted Joe Muscat?

  18. just me says:

    After all these shocking revelations about Adrian Delia, THE NATIONALIST PARTY SHOULD IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFY HIM.

  19. Rumplestiltskin says:

    The fact that he did not admit to the account should be enough to make him withdraw from the race. But then one would be expecting to much on this island.

  20. J Abela says:

    Remember, he’s got a calling from God. A man with an ego as big as God himself won’t accept defeat as easily as you say.

  21. That cannot possibly be a serious question. I shan’t dignify it with a reply.

  22. Smith241 says:

    But what kind of past? It’s there on black and white. Past or present he is tainted. I don’ want him as my leader.

  23. You’re actually pretty close, you know. The prostitution flats we’re talking about here in this latest scandal were bought by the present owner back in 1998 off Bernie Silver and an associate.


  24. How about if you were to ask your friends to tip me off as to what those rotten eggs are instead of blathering between yourselves? Seriously.

    No, it is most certainly not a legitimate question. As a lawyer you should know exactly what the crimes involved are, when a Maltese lawyer opens an offshore account in Jersey and uses it to process the takings from a prostitution racket on behalf of his clients.

    You shouldn’t let personal friendship blur your vision. You know more than anyone else that you get jail-time and lose your warrant (and possibly your assets) for something like that.

    • tinnat says:

      There is no personal friendship, and the arguments you make are pretty solid. However let’s measure all with the same yardstick – that’s my only point.

      • You can’t measure all with the same yardstick, tinnat, because they haven’t all done the same things. I trust you realise that you sound just like those people who said, when I wrote about the Panama companies, “but she only writes these things about Labour politicians”. You know, because I should invent some companies in Panama for Simon Busuttil, his chief of staff and maybe Jason Azzopardi, to be equal and balanced.

  25. Clive Bonnici says:

    That’s because he’s counting on backwood bogans with no understanding of white-collar crime to say there is no proof, just as they did with Labour’s Panama Ltd.

    All these documents count for nothing to them, because all they’ll believe is video footage of him lugging a bag full of money or something.

  26. Pino says:

    In the absence of a decent, upright and truly honest candidate with leadership skills but without any baggage for the post of Nationalist Party leader ( none of the four current candidates seem to qualify for the above) I would still prefer having another Simon Busuttil leading the PN even though another defeat at the polls would be anticipated.

    Power at all costs, even at the cost of abandoning one’s principles and debasing oneself to the gutter of most of our current politicians is not for me. If the majority so decide, so be it but I will not have any part in it.

  27. Joanne Pace says:

    Good, that’s what I wanted, some feed back. But remember if you dig deep enough all have a few bones here and there, gone are the days of Eddie Fenech Adami, whom I hold in high esteem.

    • I’m not interested in ‘some bones’. If I had to go to town on the random bones of Frank Portelli and Adrian Delia, I would be glued to my laptop and phone from now until next year.

      You will notice that I only stuck to the main stuff.

  28. Corinne Vella says:

    That or is redundant.

  29. They’re called ‘political fans’. There was a good article about this phenomenon, in the Financial Times. I’ll try to find it.

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