Every lawyer and accountant who’s read this has understood immediately what it means

Published: August 24, 2017 at 2:37pm

But apparently, there are lots of people from Adrian Delia’s campaign group spreading posts on the internet which are deliberate misinformation while dissing me and accusing me of “lying” despite the clear evidence in the documents I published that Adrian Delia has been lying himself.

They are behaving exactly like Labour supporters in the throes of the Panama crisis. “So what if he has a bank account in Jersey?”. But it’s not about the bank account in Jersey, is it. It’s about the fact that Adrian Delia lied when he said that he had no bank account anywhere but Malta.

And it’s about what his bank account in Jersey was used for: laundering the proceeds of a prostitution racket in London. It may also have been used for other purposes, legal and illegal, but this is what we know about so far.

The fact that Dr Delia did this “for a client” does not exculpate him in any shape or form. It makes him a party to it.

Every lawyer and accountant (not to say many more besides) who read this letter this morning, which was faxed to the offices of Adrian Delia’s law firm, Aequitas – that is their number on it – will have understood immediately what is going on here.

But I’ll spell it out for the wilfully blind who can’t understand the very plain English in the letter: Adrian Delia received £20,000 a month over three or four years – that means a maximum of £1 million over the full four years – into a bank account held in his personal name at Barclays International in Jersey. This money was being laundered and that is why it was paid into his account and not directly into the account of the ultimate recipient.

Dr Delia was supposed to process the money by passing it on to third parties – in this case two companies incorporated in the Marshall Islands, which are owned by Maltese Soho landlords (I have deleted the company names, but I’ve got them) – but he never did.

The man on whose behalf this firm of solicitors is writing to Delia has accused him of keeping the £1 million himself or using it for means other than passing it on to the intended recipients.

In other words, this letter is clear on the matter that not only was Adrian Delia laundering money from prostitution (“rents from London properties”) through his bank account at Barclays International in Jersey, but as though that were not bad enough, he didn’t do with the money what he had been asked to do and now the people who were due to receive the money, and the man who had paid it into the account, were after him with lawyers and not-so-subtle threats of exposure of his Jersey bank account.

When I said back in 2013 that Malta’s crime network had worked to take over the country by taking over the Labour Party and working to put it in government, I wasn’t joking or exaggerating. You can now see that the next step was to take over the Nationalist Party, and the last few years have been a concentrated effort towards that end, the systematic efforts to destroy Simon Busuttil being a deliberate part of that.

Maltese society is essentially criminal. That is how it grew and survived. Read your history. The last thing we need is to embrace it in the way we are doing now. If we continue to embrace criminality, to make excuses for it, to allow people in public life to wear two hats, to act as if there are no boundaries or standards, to understand that yes, some things really are black or white, then we might as well stop pretending, go the whole hog, and watch while all the decent young people fly out never to return – and Malta turns into 1930s Chicago (quite frankly, it’s there already) or 1980s Palermo.

Nationalist Party leadership frontrunner Adrian Delia: 14 years ago he was helping Maltese Soho landlords to launder the proceeds of a prostitution racket run out of ‘walk-ups’ in London.