I did say that Chris Cardona was in the mix: how Labour knows about Delia

Published: August 29, 2017 at 5:21pm

Malta Today has taken up the Soho prostitution racket story and has fresh revelations here. Both Chris Cardona and Adrian Delia were directors of the offshore company which owned the Bajada brothels in London.

Though the flats in question have long been notorious for prostitution – 52 Greek Street is a Soho landmark – Cardona and Delia resigned their directorship only after the police carried out a series of raids on brothels in the West End, including this one.

A few months after they resigned their directorship, Mark Barbara – a man with no money and a pile of debts, who is today employed as Chris Cardona’s official government chauffeur – took on the title to 52 Greek Street for £240,000. A few months after that, the title was again transferred, this time to an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands, Maybole Ltd, whose address is care of Wilson Barca, Eucharist Bajada’s solicitor in London.

I’m glad that a newspaper has finally picked up this shocker of a story with an investigation of its own, when so far the media have stupidly – does that pass for journalism? – carried the story as a face-off between the journalist who first reported it (me) and Adrian Delia.

But Malta Today makes one crucial error: it says that it can’t find any documentation to link Adrian Delia directly to the racket. Wake up: it’s staring at you in the face: the bank account in Jersey, which is in his name. He himself said that he opened it specifically for his client to use to receive ‘rent’, and he can’t take that back now.