Looks like this bent lawyer is going to spend the rest of his wretched campaign ranting and raving against a journalist

Published: August 29, 2017 at 9:29pm

Great start, Adrian – qisek Laburist. He takes his show on the road and all he can talk about is the journalist who exposed him.

Now I’ll expose him some more for the fraud that he is. His campaign people first tried to reach out to me to get me on side, and when I laughed them out of town and asked whether they were nuts to support him themselves – and this was even before I found out about the Soho prostitution racket and the Jersey bank account through which the money was laundered – they tried a civil approach. “Because we need her, you know.”

When I broke the Soho prostitution story and there was no clawing back from that, this bent lawyer took the opposite tack and began talking like a Laburist and how he is going to make sure that The Blogger doesn’t control the party. He knows I have never been anywhere near the Nationalist Party except once or twice when invited for a reception with a whole bunch of other people, because his closest aide in this campaign is the Nationalist Party’s assistant secretary-general, Jean Pierre Debono, who has a whole faction – what internet trolls call a ‘klikka’ going in that building.

So Adrian the bent lawyer is lying once more because he knows the truth of my lack of involvement and the truth about his closest aide’s ambitions to control the party himself.

Adrian the bent lawyer and Jean Pierre Underwood are now worried that their ambitions might be thwarted (don’t worry, chaps, because people are idiots on the whole, as we have seen), so Adrian has taken instead to ranting and raving against me, using a script straight from Glenn Bedingfield.

He has gone from hoping I would be on his side to freaking out at every public opportunity about That Woman With No Name and Her Blog With No Name.

If I ever become Prime Minister, I will invest huge sums of money in psychiatric research and a mental hospital – because by God, this island really needs to find out what the root cause of this problematic middle-aged male behaviour really is.