When Maltese politicians protect those who traffic women, rather than protecting the women

Published: August 11, 2017 at 10:27am

Malta has a long and dirty history in the trafficking of women for prostitution: in the cities of colonial Egypt, in England and in Malta itself, where the Grand Harbour area teemed with brothels and prostitutes who included children of both genders.

The proliferation in Malta in recent years of places which are a spin-off from this sick trade, masquerading as “gentlemen’s clubs”, has never surprised me. It is entirely in keeping with Maltese society and its history of women-trafficking and prostitution: the brothel of the Mediterranean, the dark side that people choose not to remember, to ignore entirely, or to dress up as cute in prettified tales of ‘Strada Stretta’, a sordid nightmare of a place where women, girls and boys (but never men) suffered.

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  1. Corinne Vella says:

    What does the minister for equality think of this?

  2. Galeforce says:

    L- XHamster mentality tal -progressivi u liberali ta’ Muscat.

  3. Joseph Grech says:

    Great. Now all we need is for the “Association of Gentlemen Club Owners” to also get a prime time slot on TVM like the Developers Association did. For educational purposes of course.

    The victor’s narrative of what is reality in today’s Malta and our entry into the Twilight Zone will be complete.

  4. Maybe Chris(tian) Cardona can answer Claudette Buttigieg’s question. When’s his next Acapulco sitting by the way? Is in on the merits or still procedure?

  5. Erin Ciantar says:

    A nation obsessed with money, sex and concrete. Jaqq.

  6. silvano says:

    When a country is morally corrupt it will fall for everything and the media controlled by the usual culprits works relentlessly for this goal.

    I remember well when the first poison was seeping in the the minds of Maltese people with programs like Dallas and Dynasty conditioning the people to view women as sex objects.

  7. No chance says:

    Because men will always make laws that appease men, Mrs Buttigieg. The Labour Party in particular is a very chauvinistic movement.

    Konrad Mizzi did not lose an ounce of his popularity in spite of all the filth and corruption he has been involved in. Should he start to support women and not Gentlemen’s Club-owners, he will lose it big time.

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