Only a narcissist would demand that the Courts of Justice open specially for him at 1am so that he can file a libel suit

Published: August 26, 2017 at 1:45am

This may have escaped your attention yesterday, because it was buried deep within the news report even though it is the stuff of headlines: Adrian Delia wanted the Courts of Justice to open specially for him at 1am so that he could file a libel suit against me instead of waiting until 9am like a sane person. He must have been inspired, as he always is, by Joseph Muscat, who made a formal request just after midnight for a magistrate’s inquiry into Egrant Inc’s ownership.

The duty magistrate, Marse-Ann Farrugia, can’t have been too thrilled to be woken in the early hours by a hysterical Delia demanding that the Courts open so that he can sue for libel in the early hours. She turned down his request – at 5am.

This is really important because it shows what sort of an unusual person – and I’m being polite here – we’re dealing with. Think about it: what sort of man tries to wake everybody up at 2am and drag them into Valletta to open the Courts of Justice so that he can file papers which can just as easily be filed at 9am?

A narcissist? No. Malta’s chockfull of narcissists and I don’t see any of them doing anything so extreme. Even a narcissistic knows not to do something like that because it will make them look like a nutter.