Nationalist Party Klikka Hijack News: Kristy Debono barely able to conceal her happiness at Simon Busuttil’s defeat on 4 June

Published: August 30, 2017 at 1:43pm

When even mere supporters of the Nationalist Party were reeling in shock and barely able to make it through the day, when the party leaders were too shell-shocked to even turn up at the counting-hall (no points for a demonstration of leadership there, I’m afraid), when other freshly-elected Nationalist MPs were pleased to have their seat but visibly traumatised by the overall result and the inevitable consequences they knew lay ahead, Kristy Debono was relaxed enough to put on full make-up, blow-dry her hair and dress carefully before turning up at the hall to give a video interview in which she showed absolutely no concern for the fate of the Nationalist Party.

In this news video, she can barely hide her joy not just at her personal result at being elected outright but, we know now, at the general election result itself, which was exactly what the Hijack Clique who worked for the defeat of Simon Busuttil, to further their own personal ambitions, were hoping for.

Now they could install their man Adrian Delia, seize control of the Nationalist Party with the help of a bent lawyer and a bunch of thugs, some of which have a criminal record, and in five years’ time, take over the country. But that latter bit is not going to happen. The 8,000 people who switched from PN to Labour in 2013 and then switched back again last June because of sleaze, cronyism, low ethical standards and corruption are not going to vote for Adrian Delia to become prime minister. They will simply not vote or they will argue that they might as well have a Labour government because it makes no difference.

Kristy Debono first woman elected MP from The Malta Independent on Vimeo.