Your public relations stunt is backfiring, Mr Delia. Now, you’re coming across as a bully just like the thugs who surround you.

Published: August 30, 2017 at 3:21pm

One libel suit after another, all about the exact same subject: this shows that he’s not going to court to clear his name – because if the subject is the same, then he needs just the one libel suit to do it.

This is a form of harassment and a show of thuggery for the benefit of the thugs and no-brains who surround him. With everyone else, it’s backfiring already. The pseudo-politician who has been busy playing the victim and martyr is now the violent aggressor, doing his best to bully into silence a journalist who is one of the few holding him to scrutiny.

But as he discovered when he tried to do to me what he did to David Thake yesterday in a live interview on Facebook – gaslight me with circular arguments, non sequiturs, logical fallacies, half-truths and misinformation while patronising me as a know-nothing, only to have a rocket put under him and be bawled out himself – that’s easier said than done.

People out there may not know, and Mr Delia may not know either, but when politicians and other scoundrels file vexatious libel suits repeatedly about the same subject, they are not appointed on different days except for the initial hearing, but heard at the same sitting, just like a single case. Silvio Debono, another rogue, filed 19 vexatious suits against me on the same subject, but they are being heard on the same day at the same time as one case, though there will eventually be 19 separate judgements.

All Adrian Delia is doing here is making himself look ridiculous and a bully. It may work with his thugs and cheerleaders, with the kind of people who are textbook ‘political fans’, but it is not going to have the desired effect of shutting me up, and those who vote Nationalist because they respect freedom of speech and know that politicians should be held to scrutiny are not going to be in the slightest bit impressed.