The unfounded libel suit is the last refuge of rogues, knaves and scoundrels

Published: August 28, 2017 at 2:06pm

They use it as a public relations device and as ‘proof’ that they are innocent and being lied about. All it costs them is €500 a throw and by the time the matter is concluded in the Courts of Justice years later, everybody has forgotten about the original story and it has become irrelevant anyway. So they can afford to take the risk.

Meanwhile, this particular scoundrel has sought to put about the false idea that there is some of ‘hidden hand’ in the Nationalist Party that is the prime mover behind my reports about the Soho business. He knows that this can’t possibly be true, but that’s how he manipulates his audience of ready-to-believe idiots who don’t stop to think.

Anybody who has stopped to think will have worked out immediately that the level of detail I have reported, and the documents I have published, can mean only one thing: that my sources – for there is more than one – were involved in the prostitution racket themselves.

Adrian Delia himself has worked this out, and that is exactly why he is terrified of what might be reported next and is trying to frighten me off and obscure my reports with a flurry of vexatious libel suits. What is he going to try next – freezing my bank accounts like his friend-in-brothels Chris Cardona?

And this is the man who seeks to become leader of the Opposition. What a total disgrace. What a calamity for Malta, not the Nationalist Party – though that, too, of course.