Will somebody at the NET TV studios please bring out a chair for Frank Portelli?

Published: August 24, 2017 at 9:45pm

Really, he looks as though he is about to collapse. He looks dreadful, exhausted and he can barely speak. He should be at home in his slippers (like I am, though barefoot as usual).

This is the man who thinks he can fight a general election in five years’ time when he is 78, after five years of battling on the Opposition benches, and then lead the government for five years after that until he is 83, when he will fight another general election.

And everyone is too ‘polite’ (or embarrassed) to say anything about it. Now he’s revved up, because he’s speaking against illegal immigrants. Because apparently 1,000 illegal immigrants are a problem in ways that 15,000 legal immigrants are not.

This is just another example of why, when non-Maltese come to live in Malta, they think everyone is crazy and the island operates in a different reality zone.