Victor Calleja: Why Adrian Delia should go

Published: September 28, 2017 at 12:14am

Victor Calleja has written a good piece for the Times of Malta, which he has also reproduced on Facebook. I agree with him completely.

Fortunately, only two men have suggested to me that I give Delia a chance. This was before he was elected. One of them is advising him, the other is his law partner, and I know them both, so those conversations were civil. Because both of them know me, neither of them tried again.

Today, some other person posted an anonymous comment on this website, telling me to wait so that I can judge Delia by his performance – in other words, now is too soon. My response was: “Why, because I’m 25 and thick?” If a woman can’t suss a man out at my age and Marlene Farrugia’s (we’re the same age, as it happens), then there’s only one reason: she’s thick. And this is borne out by the fact that the only middle-aged women supporting Delia vociferously on Facebook are those who never had anything much between their ears. It sounds harsh, but there you go.

All sensible women of a certain age have that one down for what he is, which is exactly why he is mainly attractive to men just like him, worse, or not much better. And sadly, there are plenty of those in this sordid southern Mediterranean culture (“Kattolici u Latini”).