Adrian Delia: in the back row with civilians

Published: September 21, 2017 at 9:14pm

Adrian Delia and his circus troupe of villains and opportunists have received their starkest notification yet that the leaders of political parties have absolutely no constitutional role or standing, and that they are the equivalent of the president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Under the Constitution, it is only the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader who matter.

And will somebody please tell Mrs Adrian Delia that black outfits worn for ceremonial occasions are for state funerals or Armistice Day only, particularly when worn with black-veiled black hats.

I think we’re about to have another one who has nothing to do all day because she doesn’t work and who is going to spend her time confecting peculiar outfits, like that red-and-white-with-matching-shoes Brigata Laburista combo she wore on stage at Floriana yesterday night.

Because it’s not enough that the husbands are crooks – the women have to be weird as well, besides being incapable or unwilling to set a proper example to other women by working for a living instead of living off men while frittering away their abilities.