The annual interest on Delia’s personal borrowings alone is more than the Opposition leader’s salary

Published: September 7, 2017 at 12:44pm

Nationalist Party leadership contender Adrian Delia has personally borrowed money from three banks to a total amount of €728,000 – almost three-quarters of a million euros. The banks are Banif, the Bank of Valletta and HSBC. He himself has admitted to these borrowings.

The annual interest on €728,000 is €43,680. This means that besides significant capital repayments to reduce his loan, Delia also has to pay the bank €43,680 a year in interest, which is then reduced as he reduces the loan. He has not told us the length of term of the loans. This is hugely relevant because if the greater part of that is not a long-term loan – a home loan or similar, which would be unusual at his age – then he may well be looking at capital repayments of around €100,000 a year besides the interest.

The Opposition leader’s salary is €43,000 a year – not even enough to cover the interest he has to pay the banks every year, let alone keep a wife, five children, pay school fees at an independent school, pay for the full-time chauffeur and full-time housekeeper, and all the expenses of running a household and that lifestyle.

The people who are supporting him should stop and think about what they are doing. This does not make sense. There is something going on which they are not being told, and they should wise up to the fact and stop allowing Delia to treat them like idiots.

Delia’s salary as Opposition leader is not even enough to pay the 43,000+ euros in interest which he has to pay three bank every year on his personal borrowings.

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  1. J. Vella says:

    Id-dejn ta’ Delia kollu jithallas qabel l-elezzjoni li jmiss. Kull ma jrid jaghmel, jaghlaq halqu ghal hames snin u Muscat jirrangalu kollox.

  2. A. Cremona says:

    Money-laundering aside, if this man is inept in running his own household, how can he be trusted in running the Opposition party, possibly the country?

    And yet, his popularity is preserved because of people’s greed or sheer stupidity. The problem lies with Maltese people, whatever side of the fence, and their inability to possess a God-given free-thinking mind.

    If Muscat won the election despite rampant corruption, I suspect Delia will get his prize. And Malta will sink lower.

    • La Redoute says:

      If Delia is elected Malta will already have sunk lower.

    • Mr. Tibbs says:

      The Nationalist Party was in dire straits and nearly bankrupt, but with Simon Busuttil at the helm it was steered towards a healthy financial path that restructured the debts whilst slowly working towards sustainability.

      With someone like Delia, with an extravagant lifestyle and a compulsion to spend money that he doesn’t have (other people’s money), he will drive the Nationalist Party into oblivion.

  3. A. Caffari says:

    Maybe Ilham Aliyev will bail him out.

  4. quickmick408 says:

    Daphne, you have the contacts and investigative knowledge to search out just where he is getting the money from to sustain his existence at the present time, never mind if he gets he vote, expose him for just what he is , an unscrupulous manipulator of the truth trying to con the public into supporting him.

  5. Leli says:

    If Adrian can repay his loans over a period of 15 years (that is generous given his age), his annual repayments will be at least €72,000. A gross annual income of €100,000 is required merely to repay his loans.

    To maintain his family nd repay his loans Adrian Delia needs income which is four times that of the leader of the Opposition. How is he bridging the gap?

  6. Cyrill Sammut (Sliema) says:

    Delia has now become a caricature of himself.

  7. Melissa says:

    728,000 euro in personal debt is normal, according to Delia.

  8. Eddie Preston says:

    Sometimes I get Deliar’s ads on this Blog. I simply close them off by pressing the X at the right corner of the ad.

    • Lady Oscar says:

      You actually should click on them. Daphne gets paid by Google and Delia’s campaign foots the bill. It’s very gratifying.

  9. c_15 says:

    Delia represents a Maltese society which is obsessed with living beyond its means. I wouldn’t sleep at night if I was inundated in all that debt let alone go for a ‘job’ with a salary which clearly doesn’t match those financial obligations and PN cannot afford to have a leader who is distracted by his personal financial affairs (scandals apart). If I was in his immediate circle, I’d be seriously concerned about the lad.

  10. La Redoute says:

    When Delia is unreasonable, Muscat will back him as he does now.

  11. Ann Vella says:

    Unfortunately, in the last general elections people were taken in by another con man.

  12. Galeforce says:

    Missieri kien jirreferi ghal midjunin bhal dan li jaraw kbir bhala ” ja*raw barra mill-vaz”.

  13. Mr. Tibbs says:

    He was never the brightest spark.

  14. Lawrence Mifsud says:

    Bank loans of 100,000 euros to first-time home buyers are much harder to get than the loans mentioned above.

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