Delia is sitting on camera as though he is in his mate’s living-room

Published: September 27, 2017 at 9:54pm

I’m trying to watch Adrian Delia interviewed by Saviour Balzan on TVM. It’s a small form of torture for a variety of reasons which need not be gone into here.

I am completely distracted by Delia’s shabby and sloppy comportment. Apparently, nobody at home or at school jabbed him in the back and taught him how to stand and sit outside the comfort of his living-room.

At one point, he had one leg slung right across the other at a right angle, showing the television audience the sole of his shoe. Right now, he’s slid down in his chair with his knees akimbo. Hang on a minute, now his other leg is up and over the other at a right angle, but this time we can’t see the sole of his shoe because it’s looking at the studio wall.

Now he’s shifted sideways and is leaning heavily against the back of the chair. I’m struggling with the urge to fly through the television screen, wrench his shoulders back, slap him between the shoulder-blades, bark out “Sit up straight! Spine two inches away from chair back! Legs down and feet together! Sloppy posture, sloppy mind!”

The way he slops about tells me a lot about him that I would rather not know.