Delia turns it into a catfight

Published: September 7, 2017 at 10:24pm

Jason Azzopardi, who has been one of the most vocal Opposition MPs over the last four years, is campaigning hard for Chris Said. So what does an infuriated Adrian Delia do? He has his picture taken with Marika, Azzopardi’s recently estranged wife – who broke the news of their marriage break-up in a pained Facebook post a couple of months ago – and uploads it provocatively on Facebook to show that she is backing him.

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  1. Beingpressed says:


  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    He’s provoking. His plan is clear: make some MP’s position untenable to vacate a place. They are trying it with Karol Aquilina and will try it with others.

  3. Mr. X says:

    Sinking to a lower level with every newly uploaded photo.

  4. Rosie says:

    Iehor wicc tad-daqqiet ta’ harta. Ian Borg biss jirbahlu.

  5. Brian Sinclair says:

    What an arse.

  6. Franġiska says:

    Jekk kont nammirak xi darba, Marika, imma llum biddiltli fehemti. Cutting off your nose to spite your face. Dan x’ragunar hu? Din isbah mill-ohra.

    • hekknahsibha says:

      Li koppja jisseparaw, ghalkemm saret haga normalissima xorta, tibqa esperjenza qarsa. Li xi hadd konoxxenti ta’ koppja li sseparaw japprofitta ruhu minn membru ta’ l-istess koppja ghal vantagg tieghu hija vili u titlob kundanna.

      Li dak ix – xi hadd li japprofitta ruhu minn sitwazzjoni simili jaghmel hekk ghal vantagg politiku huwa ta’stmerrija.

      U jekk xi hadd li jkun jaf b’dawn l-affarijiet jasal biex jaghti l-fiducja bil-vot tieghu lil politiku li jkun ghamel affarijiet simili, ikun ukoll qed jikkundanna il-valuri u l-principji ghar-rimi.

      Min forsi ma fehemx x’irrid nghid imur isaqsi lil Delia.

  7. Reader says:

    He seems eager to go even lower than Labour’s ever gone. Jaqq.

  8. Patricia Paula Amodeo says:

    Pathetic! As smug as a child with his latest toy. Whatever next?

  9. Sella Turca says:

    There’s Labour’s stamp in every move, unless otherwise suggested by your good self. When you said that the Labour machine is not criticising Delia, Kwart Farrugia came up with a half-baked post. A few days after you mentioned the conspicuous absence of Mrs. Delia, out she’s rolled in hefty jeans and sweater.

  10. Stanley says:

    Eyes Wide Shut

  11. L.Gatt says:

    Smug look and all. Crazy crazy crazy.

    • Le ta. Smug isn’t it. He has two kinds of photos. The before and after in a laxative advert. This is after. Although given his level of success in the construction industry, in comparison a successful bowel movement could result in smugness.

  12. A. Mark says:

    So now we know that he is also a f%king a%$ehole.

  13. Edgar Gatt says:

    Wicc ta’ qahbu

  14. Marija il-maltija says:

    What a wanker!

  15. Joanne Pace says:

    How can anyone vote for him!

  16. anthony says:

    Issa ma jistax jaqa’ iktar ghan-nejk lanqas jekk jipprova. Vera bniedem demel, fallut, midjun u giddieb.

    The PN is really in its death throes.

  17. Galeforce says:

    What a stinking, hateful, low -down skunk he is. He is using her right now when emotionally she must be at her lowest and most fragile, to score political points.

    Has he no shame?

  18. David Thake says:

    If Delia did not know that he had posed with Jason Azzopardi’s estranged wife, this should have been flagged by one of his campaign aides.

    That the photo was uploaded is nothing short of despicable behaviour and a message that he is prepared to hit below the belt.

    I will have nothing to do with a party led by this sort of man.

    If Delia is in, I am out.

    • mandela says:

      I will follow you

    • Storm says:

      If I were the estranged wife and even if I were bitter, hurt and angry, I would refuse to get caught in the cross fire and not pose with such a low life. It is so damned obvious that this was just a ploy and a very unfair one at that.

  19. Amadeo Lapira says:

    The pits, that’s what you are Adrian. It had to be two women to show you up, Daphne and Marika – in different ways.

  20. Galeforce says:

    Il-vera harsa ta’ “Hekk, hu go fik”.

    Dan hekk irid jikkonvinci lit-tesserati biex jivvutawlu? Hekk, u jibghat lis-segwaci tieghu jghajjru lin-nies tal affari taghhom fuq is-social media, meta dawn jesprimu id-dubbji ragonevoli taghhom re kemm hu ‘up to standard’ ghal post li jrid jokkupa?

  21. anthony says:

    I just cannot believe this picture is for real. If it really is, then both subjects should crawl into a hole forever. How sick and pathetic can they both be?

    I’m sorry, Jason, I take back the negative feelings I had recently entertained about you. Forgive me.

  22. Kevin Farrugia says:

    Dan hu l-istess persuna li qal li jrid ” jghaqqad”?

  23. Galeforce says:

    I do not recall any wanna-be political leader sinking so low in living memory.

  24. Josette says:

    Don’t say that. It will convince even more idiots coming out of the woodwork to vote for him. Their take would be that Labour is afraid of their candidate. They can’t seem to understand that Laburisti at the moment are rubbing their hands with glee.

    One recently told me: Bżaqtu fl-arja u niżlet għal wiċċkom. My answer was: Le s’issa tagħkom biss għadha niżlet għal wiċċkom. Tagħna nieżla imma għad hemm ċans nevitawha.

    • C. Brincat says:

      The thing is, he wasn’t talking about danger to the Labour Party – though he would give them a run for their money since he’s shifty enough to offer anything under the sun to be elected.

      No – for once he meant dangerous to our country. I thought it was fascinating coming from him, a supporter of the most corrupt people I’ve had the displeasure of living under.

  25. Joe Borg says:

    Fih avukat ta’ klassi ukoll, ja hamallu u baxx.

  26. Catharsis says:

    And they want us to trust them with our future or what’s left of it.

  27. Tucks payer says:

    I’m not blaming her. She must be very hurt and wants ‘revenge’. I think Delia is still reading comics. Besides, he’d pose with anyone.

  28. That’s about the sum of it.

  29. Marcel says:

    With Delia at the helm of the Nationalist Party, Labour will win the next four elections.

  30. CB says:

    Her husband did the nasty on her, but in this misogynist country that seems not to matter; and yes, as a result she is very hurt.

  31. John Doe says:


  32. WhoamI? says:

    I am not your dear. So very Labour. Go join Muscat and co.

  33. Unless they join another party, yes. Not just Pullicino Orlando, but also Franco Debono, Giovanna Debono and Marlene Farrugia.

  34. Reflections says:

    OK, but why are the party administration allowing it?

    • pronoia says:

      Because there are a couple of fools in there who think they know politics and strategy, but they are just fools who can’t even discern between the good guys and the bad guys, let alone decipher politics.

      They fail to understand agendas or know truly individuals but are happy pretending that they are political intelligentsia.

      Most of these are there because they can bull shit their way through themselves.

      They are nincompoops. This situation should have been foreseen and planned for and it should never have arrived at this stage.

  35. Pepe the Frog rather than Kermit – and coincidentally, Pepe the Frog has now been appropriated by Europe’s Far Right.

  36. I think it’s absolutely wrong to make use of people who are vulnerable in whatever context.

  37. I can confirm that he is NOT Jason Azzopardi.

  38. Chimaera says:

    To me, this whole thing is causing serious in-party rifts. After such neck-to-neck rivalry which almost becomes tribal in nature, how can these people (the klikkek on the opposing sides of this entire to-do) have the necessary mutual trust to work together once all is done and dusted?

  39. Marica says:

    Jason don’t care ….you don’t have to tell him. Sorry but mind your own business.

  40. Franġiska says:

    Lanqas xejn. Ahjar staqsejt lill-kuxjenza tieghek.

  41. Karl says:

    That smile makes me sick.

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