Some good things worth reading

Published: September 1, 2017 at 7:00pm

James Debono, who is on the staff at Malta Today, has written a good piece about the current Delia-Cardona New Way and related items in his personal blog. A bit of proof-reading – and I know it’s really tedious – wouldn’t go amiss, but it’s one of the first sane things I’ve seen written. Manuel Delia’s blog is another oasis of sanity on this and other matters.

You can see what is happening here. People who supported different political parties or different factions in the same party are now going to move consciously away from Trumpism on both sides of the House.

Adrian Delia’s election is set to consign the Nationalist Party into oblivion, but lots of people don’t understand that because they think two monolithic parties are a fact of life. But they are not. People who are appalled by Trumpism, like me and Manuel Delia and James Debono and so many thousands of others, are not going to vote for a party led by Adrian Delia.

Labour will remain monolithic and the Nationalist Party will shrink overnight. People who like Trumpism are voting Labour already. The Nationalist Party has over the last four decades, since Eddie Fenech Adami became leader, represented European values that are, despite the dinosaurs in their midst, to the left of centre. Had it remained a right-wing party as it was historically, it would not have survived today. It survived only because it gathered to it people who were raised with the great liberal values – and I mean liberal and not libertarian.