Here’s a little something that people like Adrian Delia need to look at

Published: September 3, 2017 at 2:13am

Right now I’m getting messages from members of Adrian Delia’s rabble, saying – with no punctuation except a lot of exclamation marks at the end – that I’m finished, RIP, take a cyanide pill, and other remarks involving body parts which I have long been accustomed to from Labour supporters.

My stock response, where I bother, is: I have been writing for three decades and have out-survived five Prime Ministers and Opposition leaders. There is nobody in parliament today who was there when I began writing. I have out-survived the lot of them.

There were people telling me a lot worse in 1990 than they are now. Then, there was no Facebook, so they wrote to the editor instead. Almost every edition of The Sunday Times carried a page of letters from outraged citizens telling me where to shove my opinions and that with views like those I wouldn’t survive. Many of those people are now dead through natural causes, as are my worst and most vicious enemies in the political class.

I don’t enjoy speaking about these things because it sounds like showing off, and to people who weren’t raised like Delia, showing off is the ultimate pits. It is, however, sometimes necessary to record the facts and to set the matter straight. I don’t like giving away my view-figures, but I will make an exception for the last few days when I was supposed to be finished: 400,000+ views on a single day, 300,000+ views today alone, 321 million views since I began.

And that best-ever figure of 1.05 million views? Yes, that was in a single day. I forget the occasion, but it might have been when Mr Cardona, who resigned after the London brothel-company, of which he was a director with Mr Delia, was raided by the London police, popped into a brothel in Germany.

Journalists who don’t depend on the popular vote invariably and inevitably out-survive those who do. They serve their readers, and if they do it well, the results are like those below. It is not easy to keep a massive – for Malta – readership for three decades, with changing generations of readers, old ones dying off and new ones coming in.

It takes a very particular skill-set. Of course, the politicians have helped, because in 30 years the Labour Party has not stopped obsessing about me and mentioning my name in vain, and now I have additional publicity from Adrian Delia and his rabble, who incidentally include people of all social classes, but still rabble because they don’t think rationally.

This irrational thinking manifests itself in the belief that I can somehow be controlled by anyone or anything. The fact of the matter is that I set up this website for precisely the opposite reason: to be free of any form of control or interference. I didn’t have any in all these years, except once at The Sunday Times and once at The Malta Independent, but I like knowing that this is one space where absolutely nobody has any say in what I write or how I write it. And the view-figures speak for themselves: not at all bad for a “biċċa blogger”.

Please bear in mind that this is after years of concerted attempts by the entire Labour propaganda machine to mock me, ridicule me, harass me, sue me, and undermine my credibility in every way possible.

Adrian Delia and his friends in the Labour Party/PLPN need to note that I am not going anywhere until I decide to do so of my own volition for my own personal and private reasons, which is not on the horizon any time soon. Meanwhile, civilised and rational people who now feel that they have no political home to go to because corruption, insanity, proto-fascism and irrational thinking reign supreme in the new PLPN of Keith Schembri and Adrian Delia – there is a common factor in Phyllis Muscat but I will leave that for later – can flock here.

I promise to continue providing you with the oasis of sanity you want and need, as long as I am able to do so. And remember always that more and more people who are in the wrong do not become right by sheer force of numbers. We live among people for whom politics is not about political ideology but about winning, as with football. The price paid for living in a very unsophisticated society is a high one. Younger people may decide it’s not worth it, and we can’t blame them. They have many options and they don’t have to live in a place where the fate of the nation is decided in parliament by football fans and the corrupt.

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  1. Benny Hill says:

    I have been reading your newspaper columns since 1999, when I was 12. Since then, the social situation in Malta has deteriorated. The only constant sources of hope, sanity, clarity and normality have been your columns and your blog.

    I pity the fools who think you will stop writing because some football club manager will lead the Nationalist Party.

  2. Betty says:

    Facts are facts and where there are serious allegations relating to our PEPs, like the Egrant and Panama Papers, no stone should be unturned by the relevant authorities, to discover exactly what happened. The same goes for professional editors and journalists, whose function should be to delve properly in stories like Delia’s dirty baggage for the sake of democracy and the Maltese public.

    We have unfortunately witnessed the fruit of the political momentum of a heavily tainted political candidate and the resulting win of the likes of ‘In-nghag ta bendu”.

    I have this to say to those PN members who should have learnt many lessons out of the past political strife and still intend to vote for Delia.

    Jekk tahsbu li ghaliex jitla Delia, sejrin tghalqu halq min jghid u jfittex is-sewwa, QATT ma jirnexxielkom. Min hu rett me jghamilx kompromessi mal- korrruzzjoni, il-kilba ghal flus u s-serq ta’ valuri sodi li inawwar u jeqred il-futur ta’ hajja demokratika u socjali lil kull cittadin.
    Hadd m’hu se jzomm nies bhal Daphne u kwantita’ kbira ta’ cittadini integri li jkomplu jissieltu sabiex ihallu hajja ahjar ghal uliedhom u l-generazzjonijiet futuri ta’ Maltin.

    We are not few and do not want a Muscat lookalike to lead PN but if this happens we will not shut up. That is what we did over the last 40 years and will continue till we are gone. Malta’s future deserves no less.

  3. H. Meilak says:

    Very well said, but the Adrian DeLiar mob will not understand this because they are totally brainless.

  4. Sun Tzu says:

    With the way that things are evolving on the political front, news outlets like yours have become even more important.

  5. Tania Borg says:

    This is sheer madness. After the last election I was furious at the electorate for betraying my country for personal gain.

    My father was a staunch PN supporter, and I in turn in1987 gave the party the best years of my life.

    I never would have imagined there would come a day when I would be ashamed of being a PN supporter.

    Democracy has just lost. Now we have both party leaders carrying a heavy corruption baggage, and we, who still believe in morality, have become politically homeless.

    Now Joseph Muscat can retire in peace, because even if the PN ever wins, the status quo will remain unchanged. Bravo to the PN councillors, you’ve done a fine job.

  6. That is exactly what the plan is.

  7. Victor Busuttil says:

    Can we have some more information on this?

    • Anthony Scicluna says:

      Very simple Victor, Mrs. Daphne Caruana Galizia stood firm on her stand because you don’t expect to drop everything especially when you are a mother of young children to attend Court sitting when you are notified at short notice.

  8. Marija il-maltija says:

    Brava, Daphne. Keep up your good work. An oasis of sanity in a world gone completely nuts.

  9. Mr. Tibbs says:

    You are my last refuge. All others have floundered and eradicated.

  10. Franġiska says:

    Allura n-Nazzjonalisti li mhumiex tesserati ma’ jfissru xejn? Temmen li l-fosos imlewh it-tesserati biss? Iva jekk iridu jistghu dawk li mhumiex tesserati jibdew din il-petizzjoni u llum qabel ghada.

    • La Redoute says:

      Yes, of course you can sign a petition. The point is that, if you are not a party member, he is not your leader. A company CEO is not your boss unlike you are a company employee.

  11. Guzeppi says:

    PN lost my &if I can help it my family votes too, thats for sure!!! I won;t vote anymore to nobody!!!!& thats a promise,I intend to keep!!

  12. No, he wasn’t in parliament at the time.

  13. Cupcake says:

    The only hope I have left is that Nationalist MPs of substance shift to the PD.

    Otherwise all is lost. Thank you, Daphne, may you continue being blessed with health and inner strength to keep up your absolutely sterling work here on this website.

    Words can never be enough to express our gratitude for exposing what these traitors want to remain hidden.

  14. Mr. Tibbs says:

    Irrational is the least of it. How about amoral, sleazy, obsessed with power and money, and pig ignorant?

  15. L.Gatt says:

    Well said.

  16. Joseph Saliba says:

    Assuming the PN is staring at the ceiling facing the scythe carrier advance, I am not running away from his ‘death bed’. I, too, am the PN. Daphne, I congratulate you on your success and wish you more. Thanks a lot.

  17. charles schembri says:

    Keep the campaign going in a civilised way. Addressed to those who have relevance in the party and influence with any tesserati. Party factions need to express their thinking on what the final outcome could lead to. It is only fair that the party factions and individuals further the discussion. Discuss the political message not the messenger. Perhaps it could be a good move for Said to pull out.

  18. Joe Bonello says:

    In my opinion, in a confused/tragic situation as Malta stands today, there is one solution.

    If Adrian Delia is voted Leader of the Nationalist Party, there is still Chris Said who almost got 50% of the votes.

    Let Adrian Delia master his part of the Party and Chris Said the other part. In other words split the party. We do need a third party.

  19. Patrick Gouder says:

    Or dead?

  20. J Abela says:

    I’ve been reading your Running Commentary and newspaper columns for over 10 years, without fail. I was in my mid-teens when I discovered you.

    I can still remember the sheer excitement I felt when I discovered that there was somebody out there who represented my views perfectly.

    A lot of time has passed, my life changed, and I’ve since moved out of the country, but you still very much represent my views. Keep it going, Daphne. We’re with you.

  21. may borg says:

    The true Joseph Muscat, using Delia and wiping the floor with ‘his’ party by comparing events to a soap opera. Developments in Malta for the last five years were not a soap opera only because they were tragic and a REALITY.

    Muscat will do worse if Delia gets elected leader.

    As to Muscat’s statement that ‘ the candidates for the Labour deputy leader election were far superior to the PN candidates’, it continues to show Muscat’s values. Give me Chris Cardona any time. Mhux hekk.

  22. Joseph Fenech says:

    Keep it up, Daphne – the ONLY investigative journalist in this corrupt country. What counts is the great following you have , which gives you strength and support.

  23. Yes, and what is the moral of that story? THE BAD PERSON WON.

  24. You’ve either got it or you don’t. Nobody trained me.

  25. C. Vella says:

    Wow Daphne. You’re something. My favourite bicca blogger.

  26. Josette says:

    At this point that’s immaterial as it will be a whole different group of people voting.

  27. If you don’t doubt my reports then it follows you are perfectly content to have the Nationalist Party led by somebody who laundered money for a prostitution racket.

    • Les Bon Bons says:

      No I am not, but given the poor choice of candidates I would rather back the strongest one. I agree with you regarding 2022 but I think the PN under the leadership of Chris Said would fare worse than a Delia lead PN in that election.

      In the end of the day whoever wins on the 16th of September I will keep supporting the PN, something all of us who want to oust the Castille gang and see some justice should do.

  28. WTF says:

    Can you repeat that please?

  29. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    I am proudly one of them.

  30. He’s said he is not going to pull out.

  31. Angela Galea says:

    Ma tantx nemmen li t-tielet partit qatt jista’ jaqbad art f’Malta. Dejjem hekk kien maż-żmien. Bħalissa m’hawnx l-AD x’qatt għamlet bħala Partit? Apparti l-fatt li l-istorja f’Malta tista’ tispiċċa bħal tal-Italja – jaqa’ l-gvern kull sena jew kull sitt xhur u niġu iżjed taċ-ċajt milli diġà aħna.

  32. You like Delia because he shares your far-right views on immigrants and blocking out other cultures.

  33. Ah, I see. You support somebody to become leader of the political party for which you vote, without first finding out what their political views are.

  34. “Might as well get married because you can always divorce.”

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