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Published: September 18, 2017 at 10:01am

Outside court this morning: mar jizattat with that wide-eyed, craven, useless, low-IQ tool of his, David Agius, the Opposition whip

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  1. r jones says:

    In Labour Malta the thumbs-up will come to mean “corruption and sleaze are doing well.”

  2. We need to crowd-fund a proper paint job for our PM’s front door.

  3. Spa says:

    David Agius: Dahk fil-vojt, spalla ma’ spalla u Zammit Lewis u Mark Cutajar u jitnejjek bik f’hakka t’ghajn.

    X’ma jaghtihx ragun lil Lawrence Gonzi jghid li ma kellux minfejn jghazel.

  4. Why aren’t you asking him how he plans on keeping his family and paying his debts off 43,000 euros a year? Grow the hell up with your ‘give him a chance’. Il-Maltin imgienen u primittivi – kullhadd jemmen fil-magic trees tal-flus.

  5. La Redoute says:

    Delia went to court for publicity. How do you think it would have looked if the Opposition leader went to court and Delia had to stay home?

    He didn’t have access to the court room because he’s not party to the case so he sneaked in as legal counsel.

  6. John Borg says:


    He had more than enough time to clear up his name in a decent and civilized manner, but instead stamped his feet, roused up a rabble of ruffians and proceeded to move into the PN’s highest echelons whilst draggin a containerful of skeletons in behind him.

    The last time this country ‘gave a chance’, it mired us in a miasma of amorality and infested every government entity with corruption. Now it’s given this sleaze another chance, and effectively torpedoed the last and most effective tool we had at fighting that corruption and maintaining a healthy democracy.

    No more chances. Not in my name.

    • callixtus says:

      He had a 48-year chance to prove that he is a decent and honest man. He failed dismally. Only a fool believes that an old leopard can change his spots.

  7. And then they are totally unmasculine in ways that they could never understand.

  8. Angela Galea says:

    For me he was the worst option of all four, even worse than Frank Portelli. For those who righteousness, decency and morality come first – he certainly was not the best option.

  9. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    When they walked out of Court this morning to face the journalists, Jason Azzopardi took questions, at one stage Adrian Delia hijacked the proceedings to show that he is the King.

    Matthew Bonett, who liaises with the press for the PN, tried to ask whether there were any more questions by another journalist.

    Nicole, the Labour Party journalist, seems to have got the upperhand of Delia in recent encounters, knowing that he enjoys talking endlessly.

    Incidentally, I must congratulate Judge Mizzi for showing his mettle.

  10. Sally Anne says:

    They will still concern me but I will not support any of them in any way definitely not with my vote.

  11. Sally Anne says:

    Why was he the best option? Because he always worked hard for the PN, because he fought so valiantly alongside the many courageous speakers who stood up and spoke against corruption, because he supported and participated in fund raising events for the party? Why?

  12. La Redoute says:


  13. It will be exactly the same reaction I have to Labour gaining ground: that elections are not criminal trials. Delia laundered money for a prostitution racket, full stop.

  14. He can’t be a partner in a law firm while holding the Constitutional role of Opposition leader. It’s not permitted. The Opposition leader is not allowed to do other paid work.

    • alex says:

      That means that he will have to divest of his investment in one way or another in return for a substantial amount of money.

      • WHAT INVESTMENT? Imma intom il-vera injoranti, skuzi. You know nothing about these matters, money, companies and law firms, and speak as though it’s all a magic money tree. It’s a law firm, not a bloody company or factory. When one partner pulls out, the other doesn’t PAY him. Law firms depend on the billing hours of all partners, so if one partner pulls out the remaining partners LOSE money not gain it.

        Kemm titkellmu minn sormkom. And I make no excuses for my language.

  15. Dumbo says:

    Mela David Agius mar l-universita’?

  16. Dumbo says:

    Really? A fucking chance to fuck the party you mean. Best option? I never knew dickheads were capable of using a keyboard.

  17. Stevie P says:

    Wow ! Lucky we have no libel laws in our Mickey Mouse country.

  18. La Redoute says:

    If a leader’s quality is immaterial, then why install him in the first place?

  19. Reflections says:

    True, I agree totally. Unfortunately this contender was allowed to contest, and whether we like it or not, this is who got elected democratically.

    Do you think I have not cried for my country this year? I have. Now instead of typing loads of emotional things, I am opting to find silver linings around this dark cloud.

  20. pronoia says:

    Unless he is lying and has a stash hidden somewhere.

  21. Idiot. You forget I live among lawyers.

  22. Mario Camilleri says:

    The classic case of “hate to say it but we told you so” to all the half- or quarter-wits who rallied behind Delia.

    I listened with glee (my God I never imagined this) to Konrad Mizzi’s barbs.

    It was so bloody obvious that this was going to happen.

  23. Liberal says:

    Sell what? His name?

  24. Josette says:

    It won’t. What you and those in the Nationalist Party urging unity do not appear to realise is that Delia’s election has crossed a moral line. I – and many others – will not just not vote for Delia. We will also not vote for any other PN candidate as voting for them increases the chance of Delia becoming PM. And if that makes me holier than thou then I’m proud to be so.

  25. Josette says:

    That your reasoning is either of someone who is still very young or who has never grown up.

  26. If his wife had that kind of money, she wouldn’t be with him in the first place.

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