Ignoring the wishes of electors and calling it ‘democracy’

Published: September 25, 2017 at 1:09am

The wishes of electors in last June’s general election, as expressed in their vote, are to be ignored so that somebody who never even stood for election in the first place can replace the member of parliament who they elected as their representative.

Those wishes are to be ignored twice over to accommodate Adrian Delia, who refused to stand for election last June but now wants a seat regardless – as Opposition leader.

First the wishes of electors have been ignored by that specimen Jean Pierre Debono, who persuaded people to vote for him and then spurned the seat they gave him because it pays him more to serve Delia than it does to serve his constituents. And now the wishes of electors are going to be ignored a second time over by the MP who is elected to replace Debono.

And they call this ‘democracy’ – għax taf int, ħadd mhu ikbar mil-partit, qalu l-neo-faxxisti.