Ivan Bartolo: “My kidneys are my own, but my parliamentary seat belongs to my constituents”

Published: September 21, 2017 at 2:08am

Here’s Ivan Bartolo, the Nationalist MP elected in a casual election, who has been importuned by Adrian Delia’s agents to give up his seat to the Great Leader who will “make our glorious party victorious again”. Mr Bartolo recently donated one of his kidneys to a complete stranger, but is damned if he is going to give his seat to Delia, who couldn’t be arsed to stand for election and get one for himself last June.

No, Delia wanted to come out of nowhere, become party leader without doing any work, and then take a seat which somebody else had campaigned for and won. In other words, instead of being elected to parliament as a representative of the people, he is going to try to bully his way in as a representative of nobody.

And before a couple of members of his troupe of perverts, sex maniacs, women-traffickers and villains begin making comparisons to Joseph Muscat, they need to be told that Muscat did indeed have popular support from the wider electorate – from the nationwide electorate, in fact, because he had been elected to a seat in the European Parliament by the self-same electorate who put people in seats in the national parliament.