Matters have taken an interesting turn: Franco Debono vlogs about Adrian Delia

Published: September 7, 2017 at 1:24am

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  1. Benny Hill says:

    Franco Debobo is right here.

    Yes, as usual, he cannot resist telling us about himself and what he did, etc. And as usual his WhatsApp is ringing, as is his office phone (not his fault – they ring even when turned off). But his argument is sound.

  2. I am very much against Delia and I have never even met him once. He has all the hallmarks of a sleaze, abuser and gas-lighter about him, and by this stage in my life I can spot them.

  3. Francis X Darmanin says:

    Whoever said that Delia is a good orator ought to revise his assessment. If there were an exam in oratory Franco Debono would get close to full marks and Delia close to nothing.

  4. Francis X Darmanin says:

    “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would get to the stage that I could agree with him on something.”

    Why not? Are you so narrow minded?

  5. Josette says:

    You’re not.

  6. Galeforce says:

    Tivvutawx lil Deliar QABEL ma juri l-accounts tieghu u jkun iddibatta ma membru senior tal-gvern QABEL MA’ JSIR L-”EARLY VOTING”.


  7. Michelle says:

    Does the guy have a photo of HIMSELF facing the camera?

  8. PENELOPE says:

    L-iehor – Il-Law Commissioner.

  9. Richard Thewma says:

    So what? Adrian Delia says that Labour have hijacked the institutions of our country. The argument is valid but it’s not a new one, so it should not be assessed as an argument but as a message – and the messenger is the message, especially in politics.

    My point is: if it were up to Franco Debono he’d be doing the same thing Delia is doing, so his comments, on this matter, have about as much weight as a ball of gas.

    No surprise; Franco Debono huwa irrelevanti.

    Honestly, I’d rather listen to what you have to say.

  10. Joseph Borg says:

    It-tarag tlajtu targa targa imbaghad fqajt it-tarag.

  11. Manuel Camilleri says:

    No, his comments are not justified. He wants his five minutes of glory – yet again.

    Debono betrayed his own party. I would never come to believe that now his is standing up to defend that same party. His, as always, is a personal, egocentric, agenda.

  12. matthew says:

    Nahseb cempillu biex jiddibatti Delia. Ahjar Alla jaghtini s-sahha. Ghogbitni tal-pensjoni imam.

  13. Steve C. Miller says:

    Strange to say this but even delusional, narcissistic bores can sometimes come up with a valid argument. Of course the argument comes with a hidden agenda driven by insane jealousy but the comments remain spot on.

  14. Steve C. Miller says:

    No need to go back to 1938. Just look at the ‘anti-Establishment’ Trump and what that has led to.

  15. Ronald Zammit says:

    Baqa kummidjant dan.

  16. M Farrugia says:

    Qabel ma Franco Debono jerga jibda jwerzaq li il- gvern theddida ghad-demokrazija, hadd ma jista’ jiehdu bis-serjeta. Mela Gonzi kien theddida ghad-demokrazija u Muscat le ghax tah job b’ xufier. Daqshekk mejtin bil-guh saru il-Maltin?Fejnhom il-principji?

  17. LaundryVille says:

    Chris Said needs to step out of his political correctness comfort zone and propose something really original. It would turn all eyes on him and could be the move that decides the election’s final outcome.

    • Major Tom says:

      Chris Said is not even managing to get the necessary exposure. One has to search to find out what he is proposing. By comparison, Delia is everywhere.

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