A neo-fascist’s view of liberalism: a foreigner on trial for murder

Published: September 12, 2017 at 8:55pm

Because Maltese people can commit murder in their own country, but foreigners can’t. There’s neo-fascist reasoning for you. That’s what these two neo-fascists – Portelli and his man Delia – mean when they say “take back our party”. They mean take it back from the civilised and enlightened policies it has espoused since Eddie Fenech Adami became leader in 1977, to the outfit it used to be when only Italianate fascists, lawyers (who at that time were a particular breed), the hard right and other supporters of Mussolini used to vote for it.

What a brilliant idea. And now they can fill in the gap left by Norman Lowell, who must have been committed to a mental care clinic, and finish the good work of the Maltese Patriots, led by that loser who wants to turn his Valletta confectioner’s into a weapons shop.