The New Way with the Old Klikka: Charles Demicoli backing Adrian Delia

Published: September 11, 2017 at 12:28pm

Read this first. Then see the comment below. Charles Demicoli, a former policeman who set up Group 4 security in Malta and went on to be given several crony appointments to key positions under different Nationalist governments, was instrumental in giving state-paid ‘consultancy’ work at exorbitant rates to Adrian Delia and his law firm partner Georg Sapiano. The controversy surrounding those deals, and his close association with John Dalli, led to him being edged out of the Nationalist Party and the end of his influence within it.

Now he is cresting for a return on the back of Adrian Delia, who owes him quite a bit. The prospect of much fun to be had by all is exactly what is driving these people.