They said they wanted change. And this is what they gave us instead.

Published: September 26, 2017 at 9:25pm

The new Nationalist Party leader, Adrian Delia, was out and about today, making public his intentions about who he intends his deputy leaders to be: Clyde ‘Paid By The State But Never Goes In To Work’ Puli and David ‘Paid By The State But Never Goes In To Work’ Agius, a couple of bums with blunt minds.

They’re very new, aren’t they? They’ve both been in parliament for an eternity, Clyde Puli was a parliamentary secretary under Prime Minister Gonzi, and David Agius was the Opposition whip until last June.

But that isn’t the worst thing about them. The worst is that they both have an intelligence quotient marginally above that of a pigeon, and the last thing the Nationalist Party needs right now is another couple of goons at the helm who aren’t capable of making a smart decision while thinking that they are oh-so-very-cunning.

This makes the Nationalist Party so attractive, don’t you think? Two dull-witted bums from the boondocks and a crooked lawyer with a tonne of debt.