PBS directors are now objecting to John Bundy, but they are the ones who approved his appointment

Published: October 2, 2017 at 11:41am

So now it turns out that John Bundy, the bottom-feeder who this government saw fit to install as chief executive officer of Public Broadcasting Services Ltd even though the biggest thing he had ever run was his grocery shopping-list, has gone behind the backs of the company’s own procurement officer and the board of directors and signed a half-a-million-euro deal for the lease of 14 cars for eight years from Burmarrad Commercials.

Rather than having the car-leasing requirements discussed and approved by the board of directors, and a public call for tenders made, with the offers put before the board, Bundy used the system that applies only for minor purchases – obtaining quotations from three different suppliers. Heightening suspicions of wrong-doing and possible kickbacks, he didn’t even obtain those three quotations through the company’s procurement officer, but instead went through its advertising manager, with whom Bundy appears to have a special relationship.

When the government appointed Bundy to the post last year, I had ripped the decision to shreds, pointing out that the role and purpose of a CEO, particularly in a significant company like Public Broadcasting Services Ltd, requires years of experience and training. Bundy, who is barely literate and whose entire work history consists of prancing about on television or radio making an ass of himself, was (and still is) manifestly unfit.

I won’t go into those arguments again here. They should be self-evident. But apparently not, because I received a slew of the usual excuses, in his defence, which reminded me that Malta is the place where people think that anybody can do any job and the only reason people get to have and do X job is because they have contacts and not because they are actually fit to do it.

We are now seeing a reprise of all this with the crazy belief that the best person to run a major political party and be leader of the Opposition is somebody who has never been involved in politics at all and does not even have a seat in parliament because he has never stood for election.

In John Bundy’s case, the Times of Malta has reported that the board of directors at Public Broadcasting Services wants him replaced, failing which they will resign themselves.

Well, what can I say, except that they have brought all this on themselves through their own dereliction of duty last year in failing to protect the company from this disgraceful appointment, as was their duty as directors. The government cannot appoint the CEO without the approval, by secret vote, of the directors. And the directors who are complaining now about John Bundy, as though he was imposed on them and they had nothing to do with it, approved his appointment. This is what I had written about the subject last year.

John Bundy was appointed CEO of Public Broadcasting Services Ltd last year. Here he is seen with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat during a Labour Party electoral rally in 2013.

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  1. Galeforce says:

    I’m off for an early siesta. Evelyn Vella Brincat, one of Frank Portelli’s sisters, is hosting her new prime-time show on the Nationalist Party’s radio station right now. Her monotonous delivery beats the effects of a sleeping pill.

  2. Michael Borg says:

    John, your natural home is in the PN media which you helped so much in its incubation period. You’re in the wrong place at the moment.

  3. Stephen Forster says:

    A big fat “ha f**king ha” except its taxpayer’s as usual who have to pick up the tab.

  4. pasquino says:

    The caption under the photo is not correct, it cannot be 2013. Joseph Muscat still has a goatee in that photo and the poster in the background reads “direzzjoni success” , which was the logo for the 2009 MEP elections.

  5. Antoine Vella says:

    The members of the PBS board themselves were all hand-picked as persons of trust, even though some have little or no competence in broadcasting. They could hardly then object to another person-of-trust appointment.

    I imagine Minister Owen Bonnici is now trying to work out how he can buy off John Bundy and get rid of him without provoking the usual bitching and squawking. What other iced bun can he find or create for Mr Mickey-Mouse-Country?

  6. Lucrezia Borgia says:

    Grocery list? The man is a chauvinist, just like our dear leader. At most, the only thing he has run is the bath.

  7. quickmick408 says:

    He will be left in post so that he can suck a few more payments from the taxpayer, until they can find another idiotic lackey to impose in the position.

  8. Spa says:

    JOHN BUNDY WAS APPOINTED CEO OF PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICES LTD LAST YEAR. Wara li missier Bundy iltaqa ma’ Jospeh Muscat f’tieg u ghamillu storja quddiem kulhadd talli Bundy kien ghadu jperper.

  9. D Phoenix says:

    He’s another one who was set up. They probably needed him to keep quiet before the election, so he was appointed CEO at Public Broadcasting Services Ltd, as a useful idiot, and given the rope to hang himself – which he duly did. Then the board of directors pounced, because some more deserving Labour acolyte wants the post. Hoist by his own petard, say I.

  10. pronoia says:

    If they’ve outed him it’s not because of the deal he struck, but because they were not party to it. Or worse still it wasn’t given to someone they wanted.

  11. Galeforce says:

    Or kill listeners with boredom.

  12. Sowxal says:

    First they lick the PM’s boots to a sheen, then they complain about the turd he threw at them but not at he who threw it.

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