When ambassadors are the real thing

Published: October 1, 2017 at 12:05am

The self-serving and manipulative Boris Johnson has gone to Burma with a view to creating a bit of an incident. As he began reciting Rudyard Kipling’s poem Mandalay, the British ambassador stopped him, reminding him he was on mike and saying “No, not a good idea.”

Fortunately, British ambassadors are career diplomats and well-educated, so this particular ambassador recognised the poem immediately and was able to stop his Foreign Secretary making a calculated insult. I can’t think of many Maltese ambassadors who would have been able to do either of those things.

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  1. ACD says:

    Calculated insult? You give Johnson too much credit. Between his unfathomable stupidity, stunning amorality and unrivalled ambition, he would be more than comfortable as a Maltese MP.

    Remember he is one of those Tories, like the equally-morally-bankrupt Liam Fox, who believe the British Empire only did good. I expect he saw no wrong in what he was doing.

  2. Obama had nothing to do with it. The US has used ambassadorships as a reward system for party donors and fundraisers for as long as I can remember. Maybe you’ve forgotten that US ambassadors to Malta from 1987 onwards, bar the last two, were business operators rewarded for helping the party of the president of the day.

  3. Tumnus says:

    Some Maltese ambassadors would have probably recommended using the poem in the first place.

  4. anthony says:

    Our cabinet ministers are very unlikely to be quoting Kipling, or Dun Karm. for that matter. Consequently, I do not think we require seasoned. career ambassadors of the calibre of Andrew Patrick.

    Our ministers and our so-called diplomats are birds of a feather. So Malta is doing fine on the world stage.

  5. Stop and think says:

    Central government reacted badly to a farce started by the Catalan government. It’s degenerates into a “I have bigger balls than you”, to the expense of all Spain. Shame.

  6. ACD says:

    He’s cocked up too much, too often and for too long for this to be anything other than unbridled stupidity. His life story is a parade of nepotism, deceit and failure.

    The only reason he’s popular today is that he was Mayor of London and the only reason he was selected to run, was that he was effectively kicked out of the party. There was a vacancy and no one would touch it (the one guy who was going to run withdrew, because he thought it pointless). He’s been running off that one bit of luck for almost a decade. An intelligent politician wouldn’t have bumbled along like that. His recent performance is typical of his past.

    Just because he can quote some poetry (in poorly pronounced Latin) and tell you about Diocletian’s 3rd century economic policy, doesn’t make him clever.

  7. D. Vinciguerra says:

    Not a few Maltese ambassadors and diplomats may not even have heard of Rudyard Kipling or in what context he wrote his novels and poetry, never mind reciting by rote a poem of his or any other poem for that matter.

  8. D. Vinciguerra says:

    Some in the UK have yet to hear the news that India is no longer the jewel in the crown — most of them voted for Brexit.

    • Marija il-maltija says:

      Tell me about it. Still, that’s not WANTING to know, which is a bit different from not knowing. BoJo falls into the former category.

  9. WhoamI? says:

    Joseph Cuschieri wouldn’t recognise the language let alone the poem.

  10. callixtus says:

    I don`t think that Catalan independence from Spain is a good idea, just as I think that the United Kingdom would benefit from remaining united. But the Spanish government`s violent legal and physical attempts to stop the referendum from taking place, was the surest way to alienate Catalans. Cameron`s government reacted with far greater grace and respect, when Scotland voted in its independence referendum, with the result that Scotland voted not to dissolve the Union. Theresa May`s hard Brexit, risks undoing all this by completely ignoring Scotland`s wish, expressed in the ballot box, to remain in the European Union and drag it out of the EU (single market and customs union included).

  11. callixtus says:

    Johnson has been trying to undermine May since the very beginning. He believes he was cheated out of the keys to 10, Downing Street by Gove`s backstabbing. And he`s determined to exact his revenge.

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