Ask yourself why this awful man backed Delia when he himself failed

Published: October 1, 2017 at 10:50pm

They share the same views.

What is Portelli, the failed Nationalist Party leadership contender who should never have been permitted to stand for election, saying here? That all immigrants are rapists? That Maltese men don’t rape children? That they don’t rape children in care homes?

I’ve never seen him raise his Facebook voice about any other case of child molestation, and there have been several over the past few months.

I’m getting the feeling that it’s not so much the rape that bothers him as the thought of foreigners interfering with Maltese children who are Maltese property. A bit like his hero Delia boasting that he smashed up the house because another man spoke to his wife (his property) for five minutes, while he thinks nothing of chasing nubile young women all over Facebook and posting enthusiastic comments beneath their revealing photographs.

This man is Maltese, so Frank Portelli had nothing to say about it.

Raping a sheep is fine, as long as the rapist is Maltese.

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  1. Josanne Holloway says:

    Did Dr Delia actually say that he smashed the house when a man spoke to his wife? And he was proud of this? What a lousy role model. His poor children.

  2. Gaetano Pace says:

    Jekk qatt hadd ma ghamel xejn tajjeb f`dan il-pajjiz, il-kunsilliera u t-tesserati Nazzjonalisti kisru r-rekord meta ma tawx voti lill min ghadu qed jghix fi zmien il Gran Mastri. Sa dil gimgha stess kellna kaz ta Maltin li stupraw tfal femminili meta f`dawn l-ahhar xaharejn ma nstemax kaz wiehed ta barrani. Taf x`missu jkun jaf Portelli, li maqtugh wahda nobis mir realta. Ghadu ma jafx kemm minn dawn in nies li ghandu ghalihom fid-demm huma ta fidi nisranija u sahansitra kattolika edifikanti. Ghadu ma sema qatt, ghax ikun maqful id-dar, lill dawn l-immigranti jikkoregu irgiel mizzewga Maltin li bi kliemhom esprimew xewqat zienja fuq nisa ohrajn. Ilni ma nisma Malti jikkoregi lill min jidghi u aktar ilni ma nara Malti jew nisma Malti iwaqqaf xi stupru.

  3. There’s probably a technical problem which is preventing the comments from showing up. The Malta Independent’s test comment tells you that, as does the fact that the number of comments is indicated as 18, when there are none showing. Deleted comments do not continue to be recorded numerically, obviously.

  4. I think the answer to that is obvious in the mess he has made of his life. But if you mean was he always a racist bigot, then the answer is yes. Almost all those who are obsessed with the Knights Templar are. The Knights Templar are a cipher for Far Right views.

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