That fun-fur collar certainly came in useful on Xarabank

Published: October 7, 2017 at 12:42am

It’s 26C and sunny, so what does a woman wear for a special occasion if not a fun-fur collar? (This is the same woman who wore full funereal black with a widow’s veil to celebrate Independence Day.)

Well, that over-sized fun-fur drape certainly came in useful on Xarabank – because without it literally pressed into service to preserve Mrs Delia’s modesty, the show’s co-host would have been able to check out whether the Opposition leader’s wife actually is a real brunette.

It’s going to be a real circus with this one and Mrs Muscat, and Kristy ‘I’m So Excited At The First Rains That I Wore My Boots’ Debono jumping up and down between them for attention.

Women In Public Life: you can’t beat it.