‘Listening to the people’: Opposition leader’s wife spends as much as 10 weeks state pension on outfit for swearing-in ceremony

Published: October 12, 2017 at 6:53pm

The outfit which Mrs Adrian Delia wore to watch her husband sworn in as Opposition leader at the Palace in Valletta last Friday cost €1,070 – €695 for the dress and €375 for the shoes.

Both were purchased from the Elisabetta Franchi shop in Sliema’s Bisazza Street, which is owned by the Dizz Group, where the photographs below were taken for this website.

The heavy wool dress, which incorporates a faux-fur stole, is part of the new cold-weather collection but Mrs Delia wore it on a day when the temperature reached 25C. She kept the outfit on for her appearance on the television show Xarabank later that evening, halving the ‘cost per wear’.

The total price of her outfit for that day is the equivalent of what married pensioners have to live on for 10 weeks. The price tag did not deter Dr and Mrs Delia, who have no money in the bank and who are living off credit cards and bank overdrafts, while they owe €1 million in personal and household debts and owe a further €7.3 million to HSBC Bank, jointly and severally with others (which means that the bank can foreclose on them alone) on a loan taken out 11 years ago for a failed building development venture in Mgarr, Gozo.

Dr Delia sought election by arguing that he does not live in an ivory tower but mixes with ordinary people and is one of them, and so will listen to the concerns and feel the pain of the man in the street.

The Elisabetta Franchi shop in Sliema’s Bisazza Street, where Mrs Delia bought her dress and shoes for more than a thousand euros.

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  1. antoine says:

    Il-polz tal-poplu…

  2. observer says:

    X’ma jirsistix zewgha biex jilhaq Kap tal-PN, u jippretendi aktar minn 2,000 ewro fix-xahar bhala hlas, kif ukoll Kap tal-Oppozizzjoni u jdahhal mal-43,000 euro ohra fis-sena.

    Dan, minbarra li jiffranka t-telephone u l-mobile, il-petrol u l-paga tax-xufier. Ma jonqosx ukoll li ghandu min iwassallu t-tfal l-iskola kull jum – dejjem bi spejjez ta’ min, mhux bhalu, ihallas it-taxxa dovuta.

    Xi hadd darba kiteb bhala kumment f’dan il-website li dan il-bniedem ghandu wiccu u sormu xorta. Jien kont wegibtu li mhux veru – ghaliex ta’ l-ahhar ferm isbah minn ta’ l-ewwel. U veru kaz. Nahseb li dawn iz-zewg kummenti jghoddu wkoll ghas-sinjura gentili tieghu.

  3. Pamela Malone says:

    By Maltese standards, I can call myself very well off. I have quite considerable solid investments, including bank deposits, and not a single euro of debt. All of it honestly-made money, I hasten to add.

    Yet, I would not dream of spending that kind of money on clothes or shoes. I guess I must be counted among the lowest strata of the proletariat or the plebs, a sort of peasant with poor taste and the antiquated mentality to spend money on necessities and, within limits, on some luxuries too.

    Seeing how certain people live without, it seems, any worry about how they finance their lavish lifestyle, I often wonder whether I have really been an absolute fool throughout my life. But then I’m a born worrier and, possibly, not well brought up in the manner of the elite.

    I guess I need to go out more before it is too late.

  4. Agostino Mangion says:

    Hallas it-taxi, poplu.

  5. Sure, with around 30,000 euros a year in school bills alone. Even the decision to have five children is extravagant.

  6. callixtus says:

    Mrs Muscat used to wear those ridiculous knock-off versions, probably sewn by an amateur seamstress, at least until that shell company without an owner was set up in Panama. Mrs Delia has cut to the chase and gone for the real stuff at the first whiff of power.

  7. And that’s exactly why that one has a fur stole attached. Imma mur spejgalhom.

  8. La Redoute says:

    Delia himself has said that they will not change their lifestyle. Who is going to pay for it?

  9. Caroline J. Muscat says:

    I don’t believe the “no savings” thing. Maybe no savings in his name. Very possible that everything is in his wife’s name and with the general PoA he still has access to the same funds.

    • It makes no difference whose name they’re in if they don’t have separate estates.

    • T Brincat says:

      I don’t believe it either. The money made through Aequitas Legal and Aequitas Management must have gone somewhere. It’s quite well known that both partners – Sapiano and Delia – are unscrupulous when it comes to charging clients. There’s that money made off CC Bill, and that’s just one lucrative client. Perhaps this is going into some offshore account too?

  10. Helen says:

    Mela mhux hekk. Naqlalek ic-cheque tal-pensjoni ghax daqs kemm tqum il-libsa jkun fih. U erfali xi erba cedoli ukoll. Kill me now.

  11. Gez says:

    One’s into fucking sheep and the other’s fleecing them.

  12. Ovvjament ghax MHUHIEX sinjurun kbir.

  13. Malti Biss says:

    Kemm ma jafx xejn dan Delia. Miskin.

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