Opposition leader’s wife says convicted drug dealer’s girlfriend is “one of my closest and most trusted friends”; drug-dealer’s girlfriend says she and Opposition leader’s wife are “close friends like sisters”

Published: October 12, 2017 at 8:45pm

In an interview with The Malta Independent last Sunday, Mrs Delia – the Opposition leader’s wife – was asked about “Rebecca Dimech and the Delia family”. Mrs Delia replied, “Rebecca has been one of my closest and most trusted friends for the past six years. She is always there for me.” Her full answer is in the screenshot below.

Promoting the interview on her Facebook page, Miss Dimech refers to the Opposition leader’s wife as “my beautiful Nickie” and then as “oh, my beautiful doll”.

Because the Opposition leader has repeatedly posted enthusiastic comments beneath Rebecca Dimech’s provocative poses on Facebook, Mrs Delia was at pains to dismiss any suspicions people might have had about “infidelity” by telling her interviewer “we laughed our heads off”.

The widespread suspicions she needs to address about her and the Opposition leader’s relationship with Miss Dimech, though, have nothing to do with infidelity.

Miss Dimech, who works in make-up, is an amateur glamour model from the wrong side of the tracks, whose long-term boyfriend, Andre Falzon (known as Id-Diesel) is a convicted drug-dealer well known to the police. He was released from prison last June. She is also in her early 30s while Mrs Delia is a 45-year-old married housewife with five children, who trained as a lawyer and socialises with a very different set. The Opposition leader himself is at least 15 years older than Miss Dimech.

When women are best friends – however unlikely the scenario given that they have nothing in common and move in different worlds, but they say they are best friends – this means that their husbands or boyfriends are unavoidably in constant contact too. In this case, the husband is the leader of the Opposition and the boyfriend is a convicted, lifelong drug-dealer who was released from jail a few months ago.

This issue was not addressed in the interview.

Yesterday, LovinMalta published a piece about my discovery that Adrian Delia was at Massimo Dutti in Sliema shopping for an outfit when he was meant to be at his official swearing-in ceremony already. Beneath, Rebecca Dimech posted a series of angry and defensive comments which are reproduced in full below.

In one, she says, “Me and Dr Nickie” – Mrs Delia – “are close friends like sisters”. She also says that her motto is “sexy till I die”.

The comments, which were up until last night and seen by several people who took screen-shots, were deleted today.

Rebecca Dimech

Rebecca Dimech with her long-term boyfriend, convicted drug-dealer Andre ‘Id-Diesel’ Falzon, who was released from prison last June.

The Opposition leader with Rebecca Dimech (in red) and his wife (second from right)