This is how they’re cobbling together Delia’s response to the Budget speech

Published: October 6, 2017 at 11:47pm

“Hey, help us out because we haven’t a clue how to do this, all the experienced people are gone, and the nearest thing we have to an economist is my wife Kristy ‘Boots in October’ Debono.”

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  1. Gladio says:

    We used to refer to KMB as ‘Iz-Zero’ for the simple reason that he was co-opted to Parliament after being chosen by his party to lead it. It is evident that history is repeating itself with Delia’s co-option to the House of Representatives.

  2. Galeforce says:

    The biggest problem is that Deliar behaves like the main character in a TV reality show.

  3. Reflections says:

    The email seems like a circular asking for feedback from the bottom of the pyramid upwards. A process that Said too meant to implement.

  4. Osservatore says:

    Delia reply to the budget speech? He can’t even balance his books.

    Speaking of his books, was he not supposed to divest himself of his investments? When will that happen?

  5. You don’t have to wait for him to publish his tax returns. Rest assured that the very day he was sworn in to parliament, every newspaper editor will have made a formal request for them from the Commissioner for Revenue via the Speaker of the House, in terms of the Income Tax Management Act.

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