Toni Bezzina throws hat into the ring two minutes before deadline

Published: October 13, 2017 at 6:19pm

Toni Bezzina, the member of parliament, entered the contest to become the Nationalist Party’s deputy leader for party affairs, just two minutes before the deadline at 6pm today.

He will compete against fellow MP Robert Arrigo for the post. Contenders for this post do not have to be members of parliament, but both of them are.

There are also just two contenders for the parallel post of deputy leader for parliamentary affairs: Edwin Vassallo and David Agius. This post by definition has to be filled by a member of parliament.

Mr Agius is the party whip.

Toni Bezzina will be competing against Robert Arrigo for the post of Nationalist Party deputy leader for party affairs.

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  1. Joanne Pace says:

    Who knows what the machinations behind this move are.

  2. Osservatore says:

    Every time we think that the Nationalist Party has reached rock bottom, it sinks to newer depths.

  3. Gary Glitter. Now if he were around, he would be part of Delia’s circus troupe of sexual perverts.

  4. Ramon Garcia says:

    If they are in the gallery, then they are not sincere, but calculating bastards. Now was the time to come forward and rescue the party.

  5. Ramon Garcia says:

    Quite frankly…none.

  6. Kellinu says:

    It’s getting more hilarious everyday.

  7. be-witched says:

    If this is going to be another round of voting by party members, they will have to drag me in chains to Dar Centrali to pick up my voting document. Better still Jean Pierre Debono can sign my proxy and give it to one of the stooges there for all I care.

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