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Published: March 21, 2008 at 12:03pm

Why do we get the feeling that Lorna Vassallo is writing his stuff? If ever more proof were needed that a law degree doesn’t necessarily give you an education, here’s the low-down on Anglu Farrugia’s ‘political vision’, taken from his thrilling website. We quote verbatim. Notice the missing clause in the first sentence (and that’s not all). I’m sorry – but how did a person who can’t write get a degree in law from the University of Malta, exactly? Shouldn’t the ability to write, and the understanding that sentences require certain clauses, be a prerequisite for being allowed into the university, and more so for graduating? Never mind – judge for yourselves, but remember that this is the man who is trying to become prime minister: Mr Disgrumpled Laburisti from BondiPlus. His ‘political vision’, as he puts it, is to make ‘ferocious and strong speechs in the Public’ while taking a backward glance at his illustrious past as a ‘promoter in disclosing scandals within the Nationalist Party in power’ – including, one assumes, the scandal of it-tifel ta’ Lorry Sant.

Political Vision

Today he is one of the main Political exponents of the Labour Party where in his ferocious and strong speeches that he delivers in the Maltese Parliament and in the Public. He was the promoter in disclosing scandals within the Nationalist Party in power, the most recent one being the taking out of court documents from the court buildings in Valletta, to offices of Ministry of Justice.

Writes regularly in Daily and Sundays Newspapers on subject of Political nature that include foreign Politics.

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  1. Ivan M says:

    Painful to read!!! Well, the theme of pain is big today!

  2. lino says:

    I tink tat he hu roted tat shuld never hev becaim a loyer. His Inglish is horibil and he dasint ivin nkow haw to constrakt sentenses wit corect closis. dis not to menshin vocabulerry and pun chuation. Its a piti.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Who was her english teacher? Shoot her/him! Better get her some tuition under my old english teacher, we didn’t call her Hitler for nothing in those days, but, sure as hell, she wouldn’t have tolerated such crap.

  4. Holland says:


    will you give the poor guy a break please? The Maltese to English online translator obviously did not work properly; they never do or it was maybe a computer malfunction?

  5. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    @Holland – ovvja li kien hemm hafna misprints. Now we know who was the architect of Labour’s famous electoral programme.

  6. Vanessa says:


    I think the processor that is situated right underneath their hair that has malfunctioned. It needs a couple of modules, Basic English 101 and Malti Baziku 101 to be installed. Unfortunately only competent language teachers can install it, as language competence cannot be bought or cheated upon. Installation requires an intensive course of ‘privat’, with loads of ‘pastpejpers’, an extensive reading list, vocabulary lists, and, of course, the dreaded ‘diktejxins’.

    Believe me, it works! lol

  7. lino says:

    Or could be, it’s intelligible to his target readers like that.

  8. Phaedra Giuliani says:

    Can you imagine him hob-nobbing with Heads of State?
    In the ‘Public’, what? Convenience… maybe? And why this undue interest in terrorism? Is he contemplating a means to sharpening his skills at it, what?

  9. issimpson says:

    Ahhh my eyes!!! … if he where 4, it would be cute!

  10. Simon says:

    You must have a look at this. Apparently this singer will sing the election campaign song in 2013, with Anglu Farrugia as leader of the opposition. Lorna Vassallo will write the lyrics.

  11. SB says:


    Oh my! I’m not supposed to laugh today…but I cannot help it! Ken Lee rocks!!! :-P

  12. Amanda Mallia says:

    “Ferocious and strong speeches”? – Maybe be misinterpreted the number of hits Michael’s “iljun” clip on YouTube got, thinking that it was watched several thousand times because people like ferocious creatures! If only he knew!

  13. G. Grima says:

    I decided to read Anglu’s website, keeping a straight face during this self imposed ordeal, as my sacrifice/penance for Good Friday.

  14. Amanda Mallia says:

    In Anglu Farrugia’s site, under the “Political area” of the photo gallery, there’s a photo (number 8), the caption of which actually is “Anglu Farrugia in one of his ferocious speeches during one of the Party’s conference” (sic)

  15. Chris says:

    Now I know why labour came up with the repeater class idea. ;)

  16. lino says:

    I suggest a new ‘Mind your language’ series featuring Anglu Bellu in lieu of the Indian bloke. (He must have learnt some Indian accent at the Taj Mahal)

  17. Charles Spiteri says:

    DCG, tell us, tell us, is there really a family link between Anglu Farrugia and the sorry man who blew up three/four houses in Naxxar. Word is the he was storing some fireworks in his garage to celebrate the labour victory that never came.

  18. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    @ Charles Spiteri – I heard the rumour, but I think it’s just that, a rumour.

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