Anglu Farrugia has a brilliant idea

Published: March 17, 2008 at 5:15pm

Anglu Farrugia’s brain

Anglu Farrugia, still reeling under the shock of not waking up this time last week as Malta’s new justice minister, has put on his thinking cap and come up with some sparkling insight into why the Nationalists won this election. And it has nothing to do with the power of incumbency.

The Nationalist Party, he told The Sunday Times, bought hundreds of votes – enough to run off with the prize of government. He said he has ‘information’ that several votes were bought in the last few days for up to €300 each. That’s the first time a Labour spokesman has used the dirty word ‘euro’, so let’s be grateful for small mercies.

“I’m working hard at collecting all the evidence and information at the moment,” Farrugia told the newspaper. Then he plans to take it to the paraventu. Well, he needs to keep himself amused and this will help take his mind off things, like the upcoming leadership killing-fields.

Now Farrugia is busy following up all the leads and clues, drawing on his considerable experience as an inspector in Lorry Pullicino’s force. He says he has been told how ‘a number of traditional Labour voters’ were paid to hand over their voting document. Pause for canned laughter.

Maybe the real reason he’s so cross about it is his belief that they preferred to sell their vote for a small amount of cash rather than cast it in favour of the Labour Party. Ouch, that must hurt.

Super-sleuth Farrugia says he has the names of ‘individuals and clubs’ who were involved in the racket. ‘I’m convinced of this 100%,’ he told The Sunday Times.

Yes, just like his former boss was convinced that Malta would strike oil immediately he became prime minister.

Another pompous ass joins the melee

Pompous assAs though there are not enough self-important small-town 19th-century Sicilians straight out of Il Gattopardo in this game, here’s another one to add to the general feeling of irritation.

Freshly elected Nationalist MP Franco Debono called The Times to point out that their reporters had made a ‘grave mistake’ in claiming that he might take Helen D’Amato’s seat. The ‘grave mistake’ was that the reporters failed to relay to their readers the important information that he had also – round of applause here – unseated Louis Galea.

‘This is history,’ he told The Times, and then went on to bray, ‘I didn’t say anything when you took the comments of all the other candidates and dedicated only one line to me while others got six lines. I didn’t phone you because of that. I didn’t phone you when you took Galea’s comments twice on two days and not those of the elected MPs….I have huge respect for Galea, but I think a deserve a bit of credit for the fact that I succeeded in this as well (unseating him)”.

When people said they wanted new faces in the mix, I’m sure this wasn’t what they meant.

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  1. my name is Leonard but my son calls me Joey says:

    And this one is for Harry Vassallo:
    Dear Harry: I rarely use exclamation marks but after reading your piece in last Friday’s TOM, my reaction was,”What pretentiousness!”. No wonder that after 18 years of your leadership AD remain a one-dimensional party, full of hot air, masters of cliché.

  2. Hurrah, Daphne!
    I guess we have another ‘Jason’ in the fold. Already his is insisting on his share of the lime-light :-)

  3. John Schembri says:

    It is good to know , although a bit late , the high ethical qualities of our new broom in our district. What did we do wrong to deserve all this? Today Lino Spiteri subtly suggested that the Prime Minister will” probably plump for Helen d’Amato” the seat of Speaker of the House , “with Louis Galea, the biggest upset in the election, practising on his piano in the wings until a higher position beckons in a year’s time”.
    You really deserve a pat on the back Franco, hopefully we will have a Lady Speaker and a President as a side effect of your unseating of Dr Galea and Ms D’amato.

  4. Vanni says:

    ‘I didn’t say anything when you took the comments of all the other candidates and dedicated only one line to me while others got six lines.’

    ‘I didn’t say anything when you took the comments of all the other candidates and dedicated only one line to me while others got six lines.’

    Oh dear, when will people ever learn? Some politicians in this day and age still consider that the papers are there to kowtow to them, now they have reached exalted office. They seem to think of themselves as the sacred oracle, and people are all agog to hear their views. They cannot comprehend that most common mortals are simply not interested, unless they have something of earth shattering importance to utter. Failing that, at least something amusing would be acceptable.

    BTW, this piece is most welcome, Daphne. It should prove to all detractors of this Blog that this is not just an offshoot of Stamperija.

  5. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    No, Vanni – it’s definitely not an off-shoot of Stamperija. In the last few days, the Labour Party has been supplying all the entertainment, but I’m sure that as the new government settles in, there’ll be plenty to keep us amused there.

  6. Vanni says:

    @ Daphne
    Anyway, it makes a welcome change. I was getting bored especially as Victor Laiviera (someone’s friend :)) has disappeared. I wonder if he is still wandering around in Valletta?

  7. Corinne Vella says:

    @ Vanni
    It’s the Eurovision song contest syndrome. We’re supposed to applaud and celebrate anyone who bursts onto the stage, or they’ll throw tantrums.

    Franco Debono’s only just started out and is already dictating terms with the media. Ajma hej, Franco, you’re in for a nasty shock when reality creeps up behind you and grabs your too-rude-to-mention.

  8. Paula Fleri-Soler says:

    “Now Farrugia is busy following up all the leads and clues…” This is such fun! I love conspiracy theories. Maybe we should ask Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to investigate those little green (no pun intended) men seen lurking around various polling stations in Malta and Gozo on the 8th March…

  9. Amanda Mallia says:

    Vanni – If you’re missing Victor Laiviera, he’s back on The Times blog (report re 1st cabinet mtg). I have a feeling that he’ll be stearing clear of Daphne’s blog, at least for a little while …

  10. Amanda Mallia says:

    Ooops – That should have been “steering”

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