You have no eyes

Published: March 3, 2008 at 5:36pm

A mole at PBS tells me that when Pullicino Orlando challenged Sant to sit down and take his two questions, the insufferable Jason/Robin said: ‘Ibki, Jeffrey, ibki!’ (‘Cry, Jeffrey, cry!’)

Then when Pullicino Orlando asked Sant to look him in the eye, Sant muttered: ‘Int m’ghandekx ghajnejn.’ (‘You have no eyes.’)

Yes, he does, Alfred – and very nice eyes they are too.

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  1. Shannon Andrews says:

    Dr. Sant wanted the police to get JPO out of the room. Mela ma ghadhomx paraventu tal-korruzzjoni l-pulizija issa? Kif tista tafdah lil dan il-bniedem!!! Alfred Sant is the pn’s GREATEST asset!

  2. Albert Farrugia says:

    Latest news….The Prime Minister has asked MEPA auditor to investigate the Mistra development application….oh my!!
    A case of…too little…too late? Is the Prime Minister now giving credibility to Sant? Why else would one investigate allegations being thrown by someone who’s only interest is mudslinging?

  3. ESSO says:

    I wonder what he looks like without his wig? Maybe that’s why he ran to the back of the room. He must’ve thought someone would rip it off and then, like Samson and his curls, he would lose his strength of purpose. What a nasty little man he is.

    [Moderator – maybe he looks like that character from the Mastro Lindo advert – hence the eagerness to be in the kitchen.]

  4. ESSO says:

    The more I think about it, his behaviour seems more and more like that of an ageing queen who is jealous of a younger, more attractive rival for the king’s affections.

  5. ESSO says:

    Mastro Lindo advert? I don’t think so. THAT guy doesn’t look like he’d run away from a question. He’s also better looking.

  6. CaB says:

    Malta wake-up… Sant the dictator is awaiting to take over and take us back to the 70’s and 80’s. Scary to see all this on Tv and worst part is to see the BA a puppet fearing Sant and his Klikka… Why on earth did it allow him to do the recording on Tuesday!!!! ….

    [Moderator – the video is here: Journalist Prevented from asking questions by Dr Alfred Sant]

  7. eyesonly says:

    you can also see another recording here:

  8. Leonard says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Sant repeatedly attacks Pullicino Orlando. Huge tank battles rage.

  9. Jean says:

    You all need a reality call…

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